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TAKE OUR SURVEY: Identifying the Ideal Veteran Candidate for Your Open Position

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Recent record unemployment levels are good for many job seekers, but have they been good for military talent and the employers who are committed to hiring them? Orion Talent is dedicated to helping organizations attract, hire, and retain military veterans. With this goal in mind, we are conducting a brief Veterans Recruitment Survey designed to uncover where military sourcing is succeeding and where businesses need help. 

We invite you to take just a few minutes of your time to share your thoughts on what is happening on the ground as veterans move through your recruiting and employment cycle. Which sources for Veteran candidates yield the best employees? Do companies know how to translate military occupations and skill sets to ideal job categories when sourcing? How much of job placement and retention issues are a result of poor sourcing and matching? Are Veterans applying for the right positions, and are companies hiring the best matched Veterans? Do companies understand the significance of their employment brand within the military talent community?

We will explore these questions, among others, in this brief survey. Your answers are completely anonymous and the information you disclose will be used solely for the purposes of this survey. We hope you will participate, and stay tuned for our analysis of the results!

Take the Orion Talent Veteran Hiring Survey now.

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