Transition Advice from Military Professionals in Civilian Careers

Transition Advice from Military Professionals in Civilian Careers

Get Advice from Orion Talent Alumni for Your Military to Civilian Transition

In order to give you some insight from those who have 'been there, done that', we present you veterans who have successfully transitioned to civilian life and are willing to share their experiences. We hope you will find guidance, advice, and support, all while benefiting from the experience of a fellow vet.

Meet a Few Orion Alumni

  • Matthew Peacock
    Matthew Peacock
    US Navy Cryptologic Technician
    Lab Materials Technician, Catalent Pharma Solutions
  • Monique Johnson
    Monique Johnson
    US Air Force Logistics Readiness Officer, O-4
    Sourcing Program Lead, GE Aviation
  • Matthew Cunningham
    Matthew Cunningham
    US Army Career Counselor
    Workforce Development Manager, Faith Technologies
  • Mason Graham
    Mason Graham
    US Navy Infantry Captain / Outside Linebacker
    Training Cardiology Account Manager, Abiomed
  • Melissa Matis
    Melissa Matis
    US Marine Corps Avionics Technician
    Various Non-Profit Organizations
  • Matthew Heid
    Matthew Heid
    US Army Engineer Officer, Captain
    Device Quality Specialist, AbbVie
  • Jeff Moehling
    Jeff Moehling
    US Army Nurse Corps, Captain
    Executive Sales Representative, Eli Lilly and Company
  • Angela Pearson
    Angela Pearson
    US Army National Guard Supply Sergeant; US Navy, Yeoman (1995 - 1998)
    Safety Regulatory Manager, Cargill
  • Elison Talabong
    Elison Talabong
    US Navy Aviation Ordnanceman / Senior Chief Petty Officer
    Product Support Engineer with Axcelis Technologies
  • Vallery Carolus
    Vallery Carolus
    US Navy Sonar Technician
    Production Controller, Siemens
  • Elizabeth Woolfolk
    Elizabeth Woolfolk
    US Army CPT, Musician, Ordnance Officer, Force Management Officer
    Senior Buyer, Honda North America
  • Nicholas Lindsay
    Nicholas Lindsay
    US Navy Reserve Aerospace Maintenance Duty Officer (AMDO), Lieutenant, Naval Aviator, Lieutenant Junior Grade
    Test Engineering Manager, Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX)
  • Michael Worrell
    Michael Worrell
    US Air Force Aircraft Maintenance Officer, Captain
    Director of Distribution, Acme United Corporation
  • Bryan Loose
    Bryan Loose
    US Navy Avionics Technician
    Senior Technician, BP
  • Brendan Finnegan
    Brendan Finnegan
    US Air Force Reconnaissance Combat Systems Officer, JSTARS and AWACS, Captain
    Assistant Property Manager, Hines Interests L.P.
  • Robert Sickmiller
    Robert Sickmiller
    US Navy Nuclear Machinist Mate
    Facility Manager, Bridgestone
  • Matt DeLuca
    Matt DeLuca
    United States Marine Corps
    Senior Project Manager, Stryker
  • Kevin Burgos
    Kevin Burgos
    U.S. Navy
    Customer Support Engineer, ASML
  • Danny Peters
    Danny Peters
    U.S. Navy
    Field Engineer, Hensel Phelps
  • Anthony Great
    Anthony Great
    U.S. Army
    Production Supervisor, Tempur Sealy