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What’s holding you back from starting your own business? Office Pride recently hosted a webinar that addressed the common fears of becoming a business owner, and how to look at these obstacles as opportunities rather than hurdles.

Office Pride is a faith-based franchisor and one of the most respected franchises in the nation, with a scalable business model refined over 30 years. With strong core values and support systems in place, they help franchisees pursue their dreams of business ownership and a strong return on investment, while positively impacting people and workplaces.

Fears vs. Opportunities with Office Pride

During the webinar, Tifton Coleman, USMC Veteran and Franchise Development Manager at Office Pride, outlined the major fears and emotions that come with being a business owner. Tifton identified six major fears that arise with the thought of starting your own business with Office Pride, and shifted the focus to the opportunities that can arise when each fear is overcome.

Recession resistant business

What if the economy had no say in whether your business grows or not? With Office Pride, your business can grow, even in times of economic trouble. Office Pride is a recession-resistant business that has proven to remain strong in times of financial insecurity. In fact, the company was awarded the Satisfaction Award for the Top Franchises Recession-Proof by Franchise Business Review in 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Essential industry

A major fear when starting your own business is staying power, to find a business that will remain relevant, where your brand can thrive regardless of the times. Office Pride has withstood the test of time and has been in the business for over 30 years. The nature of their business – janitorial services to offices, commercial properties, medical buildings, and industrial facilities – is here to stay, and is not just a trend.

Becoming your own boss

With Office Pride, you get the opportunity to be your own boss, and be the person who leads a team ethically and with integrity to take care of other people. While it is a big step to move past a typical 9-5 career with a manager, owning your own business and being in charge can give you a sense of purpose and meaning to your career.

Best time to plant – 20 years ago

Timing can always be bad timing with the right excuse, and there is no better time to start building your own business than now. Just like how it takes a tree many years to grow from a sapling into a towering tree, it takes time to grow a business. It’s important to take that initial leap to start seeing the results, and if you don’t start now, financial growth will never happen.

Ownership = ultimate possibility

While it may be scary to have no control over your future, there are no possibilities gained unless you take that step to ownership. With Office Pride, you can run your own business, lead others, and have the ultimate flexibility over your future and your schedule. As a business owner, you have the final say, which is empowering!

Look who has done it

You may be wondering – can I do it? Do I have what it takes to be a business owner? Be confident in yourself and look to others who took that leap of faith, decided not to wait, and started their own business with Office Pride.  You more than likely have what it takes to be a business owner, you just need to step out and take that opportunity and overcome those imposter syndrome feelings!

We tend to evaluate our circumstances based on assumptions instead of facts. The only way to find out if you have what it takes to start a business with Office Pride is to reach out to get started.

Attaining opportunity with Office Pride

Tifton concluded the webinar by pointing out the leading indicators of getting started with Office Pride and encouraged those interested to not wait years to “plant the tree,” but instead take the opportunity to start seeing results.

Investment in growth

Office Pride has been around for three decades, and they have an extensive history of growth, which is an indicator of continued expansion, in fact, their top 25% of locations are averaging over 1.6 million a year, and they continue to trend up year over year.

Recently, after being completely family owned, Office Pride entered into a private equity partnership. This allowed Office Pride the opportunity to continue to grow even more than they have over the previous 10 years.

Essential industry

As mentioned above, Office Pride is not a fad business, but a forever business. They built their business on client loyalty and have a history of steady, repeat customers. Their services are essential in every market.

Can you start a business with Office Pride?

If you are...

  • High Drive
  • Values Focused
  • Business Minded
  • $100K in Funding Obtainable
  • Process Oriented
  • Blue-chip > Fad
  • Actively Pursuing Future

It’s time to seriously consider how a franchise opportunity with Office Pride will launch you into a successful career. Office Pride offers a free, six-step process to learn more about the opportunity so you can gain more knowledge to make a wise choice. If you’re ready to learn more, reach out to the team at Office Pride to move forward with this amazing opportunity.

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