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We are proud to profile our Hiring Our Heroes Military Spouse Fellow, Victoria Koontz! Victoria is a new addition to the Orion team and is part of the Hiring Our Heroes Military Spouse Fellowship Program. We are excited to offer the opportunity for military spouses like Victoria to train for Recruiting roles through our Recruiter Development Program.

What is the Hiring Our Heroes Military Spouse Fellowship Program?

The Hiring Our Heroes Military Spouse Fellowship program provides military spouses with professional training, networking, and experience in the civilian workforce. It is designed for military spouses to jump-start their career or make a career change that is tailored to their specific skill set and experience.

Through the program, military spouses are able to develop connections and networking opportunities with employers looking to hire military spouses. Each fellow is matched with a participating company based on their specific skills and preferences. 

Once matched with a company, fellows undergo training with the company, allowing them to gain experience in the private sector. Along with the company training, fellows also participate in weekly education sessions by Hiring Our Heroes, facilitating a relationship for each military spouse that does not end when they are matched with a company.

Victoria’s Story

Victoria’s husband is currently an Aerospace Medical Service personnel in the Air Force. They are stationed in San Antonio, TX, and this is their first duty station. 

Victoria holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and has interned for multiple agencies, both federal and local. She has worked for a local sheriff’s department as a Corrections Deputy and was previously a 911 Operator. Her love of helping people led her to pursue a career in Recruiting.

“I was struggling for months to find my footing in obtaining a job before I discovered the Hiring Our Heroes Military Spouse Fellowship Program,” Victoria stated. “Law enforcement does not easily transition into other career fields!”

Ready to take a chance and try something new, Victoria applied for the program. She was soon in contact with a member from the Hiring Our Heroes Military Spouse Fellowship program, who quickly identified that with her skillset, recruiting would be a great career choice. She helped Victoria send her resume to participating companies in the industry.

“Orion Talent was the first company to reach out to me for an interview. I loved how personable everyone was during the initial stages. I got an interview the same day as the screening call. I just knew after that interview, this is where I want to be; this is what I want to do,” Victoria said.

Victoria is now enrolled in Orion’s Recruiter Development Program, a 3-week bootcamp experience that teaches members all the required skills and competencies to be a successful Recruiter. Upon completion of the program, Victoria will join the Orion team as a Jr. Sourcing Specialist, continuing her career growth as a Recruiter.

Even though she is fresh into her new career, Victoria loves the Recruiter Development Program. “Orion has created a program that is set at a nice pace where I can absorb everything,” she stated. “I can engage with each instructor and ask questions. All the instructors are friendly and are eager to answer questions I may have!”

Victoria encourages fellow military spouses to apply for the Hiring Our Heroes Military Fellowship Program, urging them to not be afraid. “You can be missing out on the job and connections that change your life,” she said. “This is your chance to put yourself first!”

Get Started with Orion’s Recruiter Development Program:

If you are a military spouse interested in joining Victoria at Orion Talent, consider the Hiring Our Heroes Military Spouse Fellowship Program and apply for Orion’s Recruitment Development Program. We are now accepting applications for our July class, but space is limited, so apply today!

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