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What is Inclusion in the workplace and why is it important?

Diversity is what gets people to join; inclusion is what gets them to stay.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace have never been more important. More than an acronym, DEI encompasses a company’s policies that promote the representation and participation of different groups. In January, we explored Diversity in our webinar Build a More Diverse Candidate Pipeline with Military Talent. Next up, we will focus on the “I” in DEI - Inclusion, with our webinar Belonging Matters: Building an Inclusive Culture. Simply put, inclusion means that employees of all creeds feel welcome, safe, and free to participate fully at work.

Belonging Matters: Building an Inclusive Culture

Join us Thursday, April 22, 2021, at 2 p.m. ET (1 p.m. CT), as we gain exclusive insights on the importance of inclusion within DEI initiatives, ideas to help leaders become inclusion allies, tips on how to start an inclusion initiative right now in your organization, and how to utilize data to measure its success. You’ll learn how to create an environment where diverse voices are welcome, heard, and respected.

Meet Our Experts

Moderated by Steve Amsden from Hirepurpose/Orion Talent, our guests include Jolen Anderson, Global Head of HR at BNY Mellon, Jennifer Weber, SVP, HRO at Archer-Daniel-Midland (ADM), and Debbie McKinley, VP, HR U.S. Stores and International at The Home Depot. Don’t miss Belonging Matters: Building an Inclusive Culture for firsthand insight into how these business leaders are building and sustaining inclusive cultures.

Jolen Anderson, Global Head of Human Resources, BNY Mellon Jennifer Weber, Senior Vice President Human Resources Officer, ADM
Debbie McKinley, Vice President of Human Resources, The Home Depot  Steve Amsden, Co-Founder, Hirepurpose



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