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What changed? What did we learn? What's next?

Orion Talent’s first virtual summit, Recruiting Beyond 2020, was held on October 1 to kick off Q4 2020. Moderated by David Coe, Orion Talent’s Senior VP of Talent Programs, and featuring Diane Circo, VP of US Talent Acquisition for Siemens, and Ashley Valenzuela-Ruesgen, Corporate Director of HR for Hensel Phelps, the webinar covered how Diane and Ashley took the lessons from this challenging time and turned them into opportunities to drive lasting recruitment success that stretches far beyond 2020.

Recruiting Beyond 2020 arose from frequent questions we get from our partners and clients who want to know what works, what doesn’t, and how they should prepare for next year. The nearly 600 registrants included business founders, CEOs, COOs, CHROs, SVPs, and Directors of HR and Talent Acquisition, among many others, representing technology, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, financial services, hospitality, and retail - a testament to the keen interest in finding the silver lining for talent acquisition in these difficult times.

Webinar Topics

- Which remote recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding best practices to take forward - and which to leave behind.
 - How to turn talent acquisition “down time” into time spent on business-building activities.
 - Best practices for building culture in remote and hybrid environments.
 - Secrets to preserving work-life balance for the workforce.
 - Insights into how nontraditional recruiting approaches, such as RPO, are helping organizations build back strategically.

Watch the Recorded Webinar

This free webinar is full of strategies and lessons learned from Diane and Ashley delivered in a fun, conversational way. If you are dealing with recruiting challenges, make sure to watch the recorded webinar today.

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