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So you decided to end your career in the military and begin your new journey transitioning all the skills you learned and using them in the civilian world. You may be asking yourself what to do next and where to start now that you are leaving the military. What do you want to do? What industry do you want to work for? These are some of the right questions to ask yourself while seeking help to figure out which industry is best for you. The data center industry has been seeing a staffing shortage and needs the help of veterans and service members like you to help close it.

The military transition to civilian life and seeking to start a career in the data center industry can be daunting, but if you focus on a few fundamentals, you will find thousands of unfilled jobs to choose from. This industry is constantly growing and changing rapidly with new opportunities. Data centers are vital to every aspect of our economy, from ecommerce, enterprise virtualization and cloud computing to streaming content, online gaming and other forms of entertainment. It is also one of the few industries that is completely essential, especially during times of crisis when we depend on networks for business continuity and global connectivity.

Here are three key pieces of advice for your military transition:

  • Think deeply about what would make you happy so you can make optimal choices
  • Use all benefits available to you
  • Commit to continuous growth & learning


Make a pros and cons list

Take the time to think about what you want to do and choose the one that fits best with your personal goals. Whatever you feel most suited for, chances are that you will find a path in the data center industry. Because there are so many career paths to choose, from security to engineering, it really is key to identify your strengths and weaknesses to see where you can excel.

Take advantage of the benefits available to you on active duty to make your decision

Once you know what you want to do, you should use all the resources at your disposal. Find yourself a mentor who can help you determine if you’ve taken advantage of all the benefits available to you on active duty versus what is available to you as a veteran. Remember, the military transition assistance program will only help if you fully engage. There are counselors, recruiters and services available to help you prepare and search for a job. After this, join Infrastructure Masons as it is the premier, global professional association in the industry and waives membership fees for veterans. This will give you access to scholarships, thought leadership communications and general awareness of opportunities throughout the industry.

Always be learning

Finally, if you want to maximize your opportunities in this industry, you need to commit to continuous growth and learning. The industry is growing and changing at a mind boggling speed and you must stay up to date with the latest trends. Most importantly, continuously seek more knowledge and experience to gain more responsibility and have a greater impact. The data center industry needs veterans and if you enjoy a challenge, it will give you years of fulfilling work after returning to civilian life.

To learn more about data centers and the training provided by Salute Mission Critical to veterans looking to enter the industry, contact them here.

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