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There is plenty of information out there right now on how to successfully conduct virtual interviews. But what happens after you hire the candidate? How do you mirror in-person onboarding in a virtual environment? Recently, Orion Talent CEO Mike Starich and Steve Casey, Vice President of Client Solutions at Orion Talent, shared an inside look with Recruiting Daily into a successful virtual onboarding program led by our client FTC Solar, a renewable energy company led by military veterans.

In the article, Mike and Steve break down what one week of virtual onboarding looks like at FTC Solar, beginning with the shipment of a laptop as soon as the hire is made, including a 45-page employee handbook.

Read on for a detailed preview of the week:

Day 1: Virtual meetings are held with the CHRO, manager, IT team, and finally an informal mentor - to answer any questions and review the plan and goals for the week.

Day 2: This day starts with a 90-minute new hire orientation presented by the CEO and CHRO. During the interactive session on Zoom, new hires learn about the history of the company, company purpose, and benefits, among many other topics.

Day 3 and 4: Onboarding shifts to on-the-job-training (OJT) conducted via Microsoft Teams. FTC Solar relies on Teams’ screen sharing capabilities for an efficient transfer of skills and knowledge. These sessions are also recorded for future reference.

Day 5: The week concludes with an informal virtual happy hour, where new employees are encouraged to engage socially, and ends with a toast to the new hires.

Even though onboarding has to be done online for many companies, that doesn’t mean it can’t be informative, engaging, and even fun.

Check out “Create a Virtual Onboarding Program that New Hires Rave About” and gain some takeaways that you can implement into your current processes.

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