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Careers for Air Force Avionics Technicians through Orion Talent

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Orion is the nation's largest military career placement firm. Since 1991, we have found civilian careers for nearly 1,000 transitioning and former Air Force Avionics Technicians.

Our team of veteran Recruiters will help you make the transition into the civilian workforce by matching your skills and career goals with high caliber career opportunities within America's top companies.

We’ve recently launched a website for Air Force Avionics Technicians that provides success stories, testimonials, salary information, and more. The website also includes an episode of Orion’s “From the Battlefield to the Boardroom” podcast, featuring Mark Dewitz, an Air Force veteran hired through Orion.

After an almost 24-year career in the Air Force, Mark decided to retire and pursue a career in the civilian world. Like most veterans, Mark had really enjoyed his time in the military and was worried he would not find a career as rewarding as the one he experienced in the Air Force.

Mark attended an Orion Hiring Conference in 2019 where he accepted an Electromechanic position with Alcon Laboratories. “When I was driving home from the hiring event both of my Recruiters were texting me letting me know how many companies were interested in me. It took so much stress out of my job search, and I couldn’t have done it alone,” explained Mark.

“I’ve told all of my Airmen to register with Orion Talent. Orion will find you the work you need and they will set you up to be successful. My experience working with Orion from cradle to grave was excellent,” said Mark.

Listen to the Podcast

Why Work with Orion?

   - In 2019, our average base salary for Enlisted Technicians was $74,941 (not including overtime)
   - The average number of interviews a candidate gets through Orion is 6.4.
   - 86.2% of our candidates are employed at 6 months; 8% have been promoted!

Visit us online to learn more about careers for Air Force Avionics Technicians through Orion Talent.

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