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It is a topic we cover all the time - why you should be hiring veterans. And, even in the midst of a pandemic, we have thoughts on it. Most recently, we have shared those thoughts in both a Recruiting Daily article, “Yes, Maybe You Should Hire a Nuclear Machinist’s Mate” by Orion Talent CEO Mike Starich, and “Rebuilding after coronavirus: The benefits of hiring veterans” on Monster.com.
Perhaps you know that hiring veterans is a smart decision, but maybe you don’t know quite how to apply their skills. Then Mike’s article is for you. Broken down by various industries, Mike lays out the relevant skills veterans bring to the table. He even provides military occupations that translate well.
For example, in Construction, Mike writes that “Veterans can also utilize their technical degrees and experience in driving timelines, resources, and manpower for a wide variety of roles in construction. Including Project Manager, Superintendent, Estimator, Project Foreman, Quality Inspector, Project Engineer, and Construction Manager.”
Not sure who to look for? He suggests military candidates with the titles of, “...1st or 2nd Lieutenant, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Captain, Navy Nuclear Trained Technician (Nuke ETs, Nuke EMs, Nuke MMs) - as well as those with backgrounds in Supply, Logistics and Combat Arms.”
Read Mike’s article to learn more about how veterans’ skills translate into Manufacturing, Sales, Medical Devices, and more.
In line with Mike’s article, Monster.com points out that “As businesses look to restructure and recover from the impact of the coronavirus crisis, there’s one group that’s uniquely qualified to do the job: our veteran workforce.” They list three reasons to hire veterans right now:
- Veterans have the qualities companies need to rebuild in challenging times
- Veterans are highly trained for the jobs most in-demand right now
- Veterans and military spouses are uniquely positioned for remote and WFH work
Bob Berkholz, Recruiting Manager at Orion Talent, also provides similar military occupation translation input in this article. “Not only do veterans have the skill sets gained from the hands-on experience in the military, but they often also have fantastic leadership abilities, especially compared to their civilian counterparts,” he says. “Veterans can step into any corporation as we come out of the coronavirus and really be impact players.”
If you are considering hiring veterans, but are not sure what kind of role they can play in your company, we invite you to read these two articles. And then contact us to get started recruiting this talented workforce!

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