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This week, we’re proud to profile Robert Fogg, a former Army Infantry Officer who found a career through Orion with John Deere as a Product Specialist back in 1997, in the early days of Orion’s founding. Robert worked his way up the corporate ladder to retire as a Corporate Business Manager with John Deere. 

Impressed with Orion’s services, even as a young company, Robert recently reached out to Orion again for help with finding a more senior role in Sales or Business Development.

Robert credits his experience in the military with his success in his career with John Deere, especially his people management skills and commitment to the process. “My military experience prepared me by instilling a sense of pride in my work, it trained me how to assess situations quickly and to come up with a solution and a plan of action, how to manage, prioritize and delegate responsibilities and how to navigate the Chain of Command with respect,” he stated.

In addition, Robert believes that his military training helped him to be better equipped in the industry than his civilian counterparts. “My military training was invaluable in teaching me how to be calm and collected when facing a challenge. All too often, I have experienced someone in a leadership role panic in the face of adversity, which led to poor decisions being made. The ability to remain steady and focused on the process is what will set you apart from your peers,” Robert said.

As a seasoned veteran of Corporate America, Robert also imparted some wise advice for current transitioning military members. “Take advantage of all the services that are available to you. Many of these were not available when I transitioned out over 20 years ago,” he advised.  “Start networking at least a year in advance. Know what your strengths and weaknesses are and do everything you can to address those weaknesses. Make yourself marketable by continuously learning, and pursue a job in what you are passionate about,” Robert said.

We wish Robert all the best in his next career! If you are transitioning soon or are a veteran looking for a civilian career, join Robert and the thousands of others like him who have found rewarding careers through Orion Talent. Begin your career search with Orion and register today.

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