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Orion has partnered with JDog to provide exclusive franchise opportunities for honorably discharged Veterans and Military family members. The company is seeking motivated, entrepreneurial Veterans and Military family members to own and operate a franchise, backed by JDog’s proven business model and the support you need to be successful.

Terry Corkery, Director of Franchise Development, joined the podcast to discuss his career with JDog and provide an inside look at JDog’s franchise opportunities, including what makes JDog’s business model unique, a step-by-step overview of becoming a franchise owner, and why JDog franchises are “recession resistant.”

JDog’s overall mission as a company is the main reason it has such a unique space in the franchise world - to help provide veterans with a business opportunity with the goal of hiring other veterans, with the aim of lowering the veteran unemployment rate.

“JDog is the only national franchise out there that is owned and operated by veterans, for veterans and military family members,” Terry said. Terry emphasized that veterans are the perfect candidates for a franchise business. “It is an opportunity to own a business while also employing other veterans,” he stated.

In light of the current economic climate, Terry also assured listeners that a JDog franchise is “recession resistant,” due to the fact that it is considered an essential business. “JDog is in a good position right now,” he stated. “We are still operating and thrive in harder economic conditions.” 

Unlike other franchise opportunities, a JDog franchise does not have the overhead or department services that a franchise in other industries may have, Terry added.

Terry also gave a detailed step-by-step overview of how to become a franchise owner with JDog, most notably JDog’s unique training and business model, called “Discovery Day.” Held once a month with a small number of interested veteran applicants, JDog uses this time to create a personal contact with the veterans who are interested in a franchise opportunity, while also giving the interested applicants a comprehensive overview of what it means to own a JDog franchise.

“We discuss advertising, support levels, marketing, corporate services, training, and more,” Terry explained. “This helps to give a well-rounded perspective on who we are, what we are, and allow for the veteran to make a decision whether or not they want to come on board,” he said.

The process of owning a franchise with JDog, from start to finish, is relatively quick. “It takes four to six weeks to start the training, website development, and obtain the trucks,” Terry said. “You can expect to be open for business with a soft opening around then, with a grand opening about three months from that date,” he explained.

Lastly, Terry emphasized the rewards of owning a JDog franchise. “You can be successful and build a business for yourself and your family, while also paying it forward to other veterans,” he stated.

Listen to the full podcast to hear Terry’s passion for franchise opportunities for veterans and military family members:

To learn more about JDog Brands, and to get started with your own franchise, visit their website and request more information.

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