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Ghosting is So 2019 -- Make Way for Paperclipping

Wednesday, February 12, 2020
Love is in the air! And as the dating scene goes, so go recruiting trends. So what is in store for those who have weathered ghosting? Check out the latest dating trends and how we imagine they would translate into the hiring process, both for employers and candidates.
Paperclipping: Candidates who ghost an employer may reach back out suddenly when their other job offer falls through or an employer may reach out when their other candidate withdraws. Either way, a previous ghost suddenly reappears.
Dial Toning: When you connect with someone about a job and offer your contact info and then never hear from them.  Similar to ghosting, but it happens right away.

‘Glamboozled’: You get ready for the interview, which may mean clearing your schedule or dressing up to look the part, only to experience a last-minute cancellation.
Flatlining: The interview is zooming along and then suddenly silence rears its ugly head, and you cannot resurrect the conversation.

Fleabagging: Referring to the show Fleabag, instead of pursuing an unavailable love interest, in the recruiting world this is when you continually apply for jobs for which you aren’t qualified or go after candidates that are overqualified for entry-level positions.
Caspering: Another relative of ghosting, this one is friendlier, much like Casper himself. Instead of never hearing back at all, you get a short message, but then nothing.

Kanye’d: Ever had an interviewer or a candidate spend the entire interview talking about themselves? You’ve been Kanye’d.

While all this is meant tongue-in-cheek, it is important to take a serious approach to the hiring process. Avoiding any semblance of the terms above and respecting each other's time can go a long way in fostering a professional connection and hiring top talent. Contact Orion today to skip the silly games and connect with the right talent.

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