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How to Leverage AI in Your TA Process

Thursday, January 30, 2020
In his latest article for Recruiting Daily, “AI Cheat Sheet for the C-Suite,” Orion Talent CEO Mike Starich writes about some of the key ways that AI can power the recruitment process.
Where Can AI Increase Productivity?
Candidate sourcing and attraction: Many recruiters now use AI to create more targeted talented pipelines.

Candidate engagement: AI helps nurture candidate relationships with more intelligent automated updates, real-time feedback and quick assessments that can attract a candidate to apply.

Selection and hiring process: Use AI to inform and automate time-consuming process tasks such as scheduling interviews, assessment tests, background checks, drug testing and follow-up on previously sent materials.

Onboarding: Automated tools can help keep busy talent management teams in contact with recent hires by providing FAQs or other data to help ensure these new employees stay engaged.
Where Do Humans Still Reign?
Reading soft skills: AI cannot replace the intuition, insight, and experience of practiced recruiters.

Exploring alternative roles for candidates: AI is also not particularly useful when it comes to exploring alternative roles with a candidate or coaching a candidate on things to consider.

Reading social cues: AI cannot figure out why a strong candidate did not return a call.
According to Mike, AI is an exciting addition to the talent acquisition process; but it must be leveraged with the correct tools, goals, team, and budget in place. Once these are in place, AI can improve efficiency and productivity.
Read more about AI’s impact on recruitment in Mike’s article here.

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