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5 Tips for Fine-Tuning Your TA Processes with an Eye for Recession

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Many Hiring Managers and TA professionals are busy fine-tuning their recruiting goals and budget for 2020, possibly even with an eye on a potential recession. With this in mind, Cory Kruse, President of Orion Novotus, recently shared five tips that companies should keep in mind with HR Morning.

1. Embrace a Total Talent, Data-driven Strategy. Gather workforce and business data to analyze the many ways human capital translates into financial and organizational health, and infuse those analytics into broader strategic planning efforts.
2. Ensure Your ATS Can Keep Up. The deluge of applicants that come with a recession is hard for any team to manage without strong technology.
3. Assess Incentive and Retention Plans. The key in making changes to the scope of programs designed to retain talent is to ensure changes are communicated with grace and honesty.
4. Get Employment Brand Creative. Consider ways to tap into shared company and employee values that don’t require extensive investment.
5. Evaluate Outsourcing Opportunities and Vendors. Identify areas of optimization early, and take action in advance of a slowdown.

You can also get ahead of the game by integrating an Orion Talent Hiring Conference into your plan. We will be holding 70 Hiring Conferences and Distinguished Candidate Conferences across the country in 2020, providing access to the military's top talent. 

Read more about Cory's tips here. Heeding these tips will mean your company’s talent acquisition processes can weather any possible economic storm.

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