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According to a recent LinkedIn report, veterans are more likely to be underemployed than their civilian counterparts. While the unemployment rate for veterans is 3.2 percent (and lower than the national average for civilians), veterans still struggle to find a career that matches their qualifications gained in the military. 

In fact, a 2017 study by ZipRecruiter and the Call of Duty Endowment revealed that nearly one-third of veteran job seekers were underemployed, nearly double the rate for non-veterans. 

While this can seem daunting to the veteran job seeker, Orion Talent has been able to help veterans find jobs that are a match with their background, skills, and preferences.

The Montgomery Advertiser recently profiled Mike Intregila, a recently transitioned Navy Aviation Machinist’s Mate who used Orion Talent to help find a career that utilizes the skills and talents that he acquired in the military.

After transitioning in 2017, Mike started working at different production jobs, looking for a position that would afford him the opportunity to advance. After working long hours for little pay, Mike decided to reach out to Orion Talent with help in finding a new career.

It was not long before Orion helped him find a position as a Production Supervisor with Genpak at their Montgomery, AL plant. His new position offers reasonable hours, great benefits, and a competitive salary, but was not something he would have considered himself a fit for having had previous experience as a Navy Aviation Machinist’s Mate. 

However, the Recruiters at Orion knew the potential and recognized his skill set. “I came from working on aircraft as a jet mechanic,” Mike said. “If you had told me when I first started with the military that I would be working at a place that manufactures to-go boxes for restaurants, I would have told you that you were crazy,” he continued. “But taking those skills that I harnessed while I was in the military and being able to utilize them here, it’s actually (translated) pretty well for me.”

At Orion, we understand that the job search can be overwhelming, and hard to know where to even begin. As the nation’s largest military recruiting firm, Orion Talent is equipped to help make your military to civilian transition as seamless as possible. Learn more about how Orion can help you find a career that is a fit with the skills and experiences that you gained in the military, while also keeping your personal preferences a priority.

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