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Veterans Outscore Their Civilian Peers in Leadership

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Regardless of the type of industry, companies are looking for one major quality when actively hiring - an individual who has a leadership acumen. 

For transitioning military members looking for a civilian career, it comes as no surprise that veterans possess the leadership qualities that companies are looking for. However, companies do not immediately recognize these intangible qualities, or “soft skills,” that veterans possess. 

A report by The Center for a New American Security found that one of the main barriers to hiring veterans is a lack of understanding how military skills can translate into a tangible, sustainable hire. As a veteran, it is extremely important to translate the skills learned in the military for the civilian sector.

Recently, the Center for Creative Leadership completed a study to reveal how a typical Army leader would compare against an industry leader. They analyzed over 260 Army leaders across the course of three years. The results indicated that Army leaders showed a greater proficiency of core leadership qualities than their industry leader counterparts. 

Army leaders had a higher proficiency on competencies such as building collaborative relationships, leading employees, strategic perspective, taking initiative, and held both a participative and change management style. All of these qualities align with what companies are looking for when hiring.

View the infographic below for a full recap of the findings:


These findings should give you the confidence that you need as a military job seeker. While this study highlighted just Army leaders, veterans from all branches of the military have the same leadership qualities and skills, a clear advantage in the civilian workplace. It is important to highlight these characteristics in your job search. Here at Orion we want to help you reach your civilian career potential. Learn more about Orion’s services, and register today to get started.

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