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Here’s Why Veterans are a Great Fit for Manufacturing

Thursday, August 15, 2019

If you are in the manufacturing industry, you have undoubtedly experienced the technical skills crunch. As workers retire and less people attend technical schools, it can be hard to fill open positions. In his article for The Association of Manufacturing Technology, Orion Talent VP of Client Solutions Steve Casey writes that hiring veterans is the solution.

Casey explains that veterans come with world-class technical training, have worked under worked under some of the most stringent standards and compliance protocols, are accustomed to working in stressful situations, are safety conscious, and are used to working autonomously, as well as within a command structure.

The technical talent many veterans possess make them great fits for field service positions, including technicians, specialists, and engineers. And the companies that hire veterans for these positions enjoy many benefits, including improved retention. Many companies have promoted military technicians into lead roles, training roles, and manager positions. 

Casey concludes, “Veterans are a powerful asset, and military technical talent quality is second to none. Veterans across the United States are advancing workforce capabilities and productivity with their skills, experience, commitment, focus, and drive.”

Read the full article, “Minding the gap: how hiring veterans combats the technical skills shortage” to learn more about how veterans can fill the manufacturing technical skills gap.

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