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4 Tips for Recruiting in 2019

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Writing for Recruiting Daily, Orion Talent CEO Mike Starich discusses whether, in a tight recruiting environment, it is wise for companies to relax their hiring criteria. In “Hire Like It is 2019”, Mike lays out four ways companies can go about finding the right balance of relaxed qualifications, while maintaining sourcing and screening best practices.

1. Take a gradual approach to relaxing hiring criteria: Work to identify concessions that will have the least impact on a successful candidate match. But, avoid relaxing too many qualifications at once.

2. Invest in upskilling less experienced hires: To compensate for these less experienced hires, many companies, like Siemens USA, are investing in upskilling programs – particularly companies that are reliant on skilled trades.

3. Understand how to leverage transferable skills from other industries: Receptiveness to candidates with relevant experience from other industries (or the military) is another great way to recruit.

4. Focus less on resume gaps and more on competencies: Use language in your job posts and social media to encourage the long-term unemployed and returning workers. A “returnship program” that offers these workers the opportunity to develop new competencies is a novel approach.

Consider these four tips to help you recruit the talent you need while embracing today’s competitive market. Times have changed and a strict adherence to typical candidate skills and qualifications may no longer suffice. Read Mike’s full article here for more advice.

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