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IT Recruiter Provides an Inside Look at Exciting Career Opportunities for Veterans

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Orion has partnered with TEKsystems, an industry leader in Technology and Talent Services, to provide rewarding careers for IT Professionals into a variety of industries, including government and military agencies. Cynthia McCready, National Recruiter - Government Services, at TEKsystems, recently shared why she’s passionate about helping transitioning service members find rewarding careers, as well as her experience working with TEKsystems.

Cynthia’s husband is currently serving on Active Duty in the Army, and their family has recently relocated to Germany. As a military spouse with many veteran family members, military recruiting has been a priority to Cynthia during her time with TEKsystems. “Working with TEKsystems, I’ve been able to get involved at several TAP centers throughout the United States. During the past 5 years, I’ve worked with a lot of veterans so I understand the challenges they face when transitioning out of the military. I’m glad I can play a part in helping out,” says Cynthia.

TEKsystems has helped thousands of servicemen and women—more than 15,000 since 2013—with their aspirations to pursue a career in IT. “Veterans are reliable, they know how to communicate and work as a team. Many veterans end up working in roles that are virtual or geographically dispersed, and I think their ability to communicate efficiently adds a lot of value,” explains Cynthia.

As a TEKsystems Recruiter, Cynthia works with transitioning service members and veterans to review and update their resumes, check references, and prepare for interviews. “One of the things that veterans have the most trouble with during this type of interview is how to talk about the work they did in the military without violating security agreements,” says Cynthia. “I work with them to make sure they are able to articulate their experience without compromising those security agreements. I’m also able to give candidates direct and timely feedback from interviews to help them prepare for the next steps,” she continues.

TEKsystems works with a variety of government and military agencies including FAA / Department of Transportation, Center for Disease Control, Army, Navy, Air Force, Social Security Administration, USDA, FEMA, and many others.

TEKsystems is currently recruiting IT Professionals to support these agencies in the following Technical Performance Areas:

Applications Services
Cloud Services & Network Support
IT Support, Outsourcing, and Deployment

Visit us online to learn more and apply for an IT career with TEKsystems.

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