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PODCAST: Interview with Matthew J. Louis, Author of Mission Transition

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Matthew J. Louis is an Army veteran turned speaker, coach and advisor, and was recently a guest on Orion’s “From the Battlefield to the Boardroom” podcast. Matthew (Matt) joined the podcast to discuss the upcoming release of his book,Matthew J. LouisMission Transition: Navigating the Opportunities and Obstacles to Your Post-Military Career.” The book provides invaluable resources to help veterans succeed in Corporate America, including foundational ideas, like understanding who you are and who you want to be, exploring strategies to make your resume stand out and to ace the interview, and discussing ways to acclimate to the new culture and pay it forward to other veterans.

Since transitioning out of the military, Matt has had an impressive career trajectory with highly sought-after companies such as Procter and Gamble, General Electric, and Deloitte. Matt currently serves as the veteran Transition Assistance officer for his West Point class and actively serves several other veteran collaboratives around the country. “I view veterans as being one of the most underutilized resources our nation has to offer. The civilian-military gap is as big as it’s ever been,” Matt says when asked why he felt compelled to write Mission Transition. “If we can help close that gap and unleash the talent that we all know exists in the veteran population, it holds the potential to improve all of the organizations that they join, the economy, the nation, and in turn the veterans and their families as well,” he adds.

Mission Transition provides an in-depth look at each step of the transition process and provides actionable tips, exercises, and proven methods to help you make a successful move into a civilian career. Each chapter showcases numerous “Troops in The Trenches” callouts that include quotes and advice from other veterans from all ranks and branches of service.

For more insight on how to succeed in your military to civilian transition, listen to Orion’s From the Battlefield to the Boardroom podcast featuring Matt Louis, and check out his website to find free resources and pre-sale information for his book, Mission Transition.