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  • High Schooler Ashley Kimbel Uses Siemens USA Solid Edge Software to Build Prosthetic Limb for Local USMC Veteran

High Schooler Ashley Kimbel Uses Siemens USA Solid Edge Software to Build Prosthetic Limb for Local USMC Veteran

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

When Huntsville, AL high school senior Ashley Kimbel heard about Kendall Bane’s story and his limitations with his prosthetic limb hindering his active outdoor lifestyle, she decided to come up with a solution.

Kendall Bane, a local USMC Veteran who lost his leg in Afghanistan, has a passion for mountain biking, white-water rafting, snowboarding, and other outdoor activities, which his previous prosthetic limb hindered him from doing. “I’ve always been an active person, and I’ve always loved the outdoors,” said Bane in a Today show segment. “I have a heavy duty foot that allows me to be very active. But at the same time it’s a bit heavy, and anything that requires more energy really just fatigues me faster.”

Using Siemens’ Solid Edge software platform, Ashley was able to design, create, and test a more comfortable, flexible, and efficient prosthetic limb, without ever leaving her engineering classroom.

Siemens’ Solid Edge software platform allows engineers to virtually design a product or new process. By creating a “digital twin” of the physical product, the software will recommend design changes and perform virtual tests, ultimately leading to a more advanced and efficient final design and product.

Over the course of a year, with the help of her teacher and working closely with Kendall, Ashley was able to come up with a prosthetic limb that is sturdy, lighter, and more versatile.

“My goal as an amputee is to remain as active as I can,” Kendall said. “A lighter foot helps not to tire me out and enjoy the outdoor activities that I love.”

Watch the video below to learn more about how Ashley Kimbel used this Siemens technology to help USMC Veteran Kendall Bane.



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