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TA Professionals: What Will the 2019 Job Market Bring?

Thursday, January 3, 2019

In the recent RPOA article, “A Look Ahead: What Talent Acquisition Leaders are Expecting from the 2019 Job Market,” Orion Novotus President Cory Kruse shares insight into what TA will look like in 2019. With a strong economy, low unemployment rate, and new jobs across industries like health care, manufacturing, and leisure and hospitality, 2019 is poised to get off to a roaring start. According to Kruse, “...for the next three or four quarters, we’re definitely going to see continued growth,” continuing the 2018 trend of an ever tightening talent market.

Author Steve Dashiell states that an excellent solution to this labor market trajectory and it’s resulting talent crunch is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). “With recruiting as a core business competency, RPOs are most in tune with job market conditions and are best positioned to navigate its waters.”

Through RPO, businesses outsource an entire sourcing, recruiting and hiring need to experts at companies like Orion Novotus. RPO professional handle everything from the first requisition to the final hire. This business strategy helps companies tackle productivity and profitability issues.

Kruse explains that the success of RPO comes down to three traits: people, process, and technology. “When a company hires an RPO, they’re not only getting expertise, but visibility across multiple platforms. It’s a collective expertise,” Kruse concludes. 

Read the full article or lean more about Orion Novotus’ RPO Solutions.

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