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The Three Traits of Exceptional Recruiters

Thursday, December 6, 2018

In his latest think piece,”Where Have All the Great Recruiters Gone?” for ERE, Orion Novotus President Cory Kruse explores how a tight labor market and internal challenges are testing recruiters. Kruse explains, “These forces come together to exacerbate the shortcomings of recruiters who are often under trained and overworked.”

According to Kruse, there are three things exceptional recruiters do well despite these challenges.

1. They know the difference between job descriptions and job advertisements. Borrowed, repurposed, or generic job descriptions cause candidates to self-select out. Kruse points out that it is better to put in the time to create new, accurate job descriptions for each position. “The best recruiters understand the value of doing more work up front ... to ensure a positive outcome,” he writes.

2. They understand the value of the experience. With a record-low unemployment rate and a widespread skills shortage, recruiters are wise to consider the candidate experience all the way through the pipeline, from pre-application to onboarding and beyond.

3. They are 100 percent aligned with hiring managers. Kruse writes that this is perhaps the most difficult trait to attain. While hiring managers know what kind of person will fit in with their team culture, recruiters should establish themselves as experts whom the hiring managers turn to for insight. To learn more about this issue, read our HRO Today & Orion Novotus survey report, Hiring Managers and HR Report on TA Performance, which  explores the results of a research study into how HR recruiters’ opinions about the internal hiring process vary from opinions of the hiring managers.

“Ultimately,” Kruse concludes, “it is the responsibility of any organization to ensure all its employees — including recruiters — are qualified, properly trained, and motivated.” Recruiters can up their game by being proactive and engaged with a supportive HR leadership team. Read the full article here.

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