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How to Retain Talent and Fight Employee Attrition

Thursday, November 29, 2018

In his most recent Recruiting Daily article, “High quit-rate problem? You can fix that,” Orion CEO Mike Starich explores retention concerns during a tight labor market. “3.5 million workers voluntarily left their jobs in April 2018, the highest quit rate since the dotcom boom peaked in 2000,” writes Mike. Reasons for high quit rates include high demand for talent and lower wages among others.

With this in mind, Mike explains that management at all levels feels the stress to beat turnover and meet budgeted revenue numbers. Mike writes, “Employers need to invest more resources to retain staff.” Whether it be time, money, or technology, new solutions need to be considered. Mike suggest steps like OJT, team training, expanded benefits, and even providing more meaningful work.

As good talent becomes harder to attain and retain, Mike’s article presents a smart take on how to retain the top talent you already have. Read the full article here.

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