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PODCAST: Careers for Veterans with Service Experts

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Orion is currently recruiting former and transitioning service members for a variety of careers with Service Experts across 90+ locations nationwide. Locations include Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Denver, Raleigh, Dallas, Nashville and many more.

Service Experts offers the close-knit environment of a local, independently-owned company, along with the outstanding benefits, training and stability of the industry's leading name. To attract and retain the best people in the business, Service Experts provides competitive pay, excellent benefits, opportunity for growth, and world class training.

Richard Everhart, Army Veteran and Operations Manager at Service Experts, joins Orion’s “From the Battlefield to the Boardroom” podcast to discuss his career progression with Service Experts, why Service Experts is a great place for veterans to work and similarities between the company and the military.

Richard, who has been with Service Experts for more than 4 years, initially didn’t know if this career would be a good fit for him. “As a former artilleryman, I wondered what I could do when I got out of the military. I never really put two and two together until I started working here and realized that there are so many other things that you learn in the military that directly correlate to business,” Richard says.

Service Experts strives to provide an environment where employees can work, learn, grow and thrive. The company offers career progression opportunities to all employees who possess the attitude and commitment it takes to be the best. Richard was hired as an entry-level Maintenance Technician and progressed to a higher level Maintenance Technician role after a few months. Within a year he was promoted to a Field Supervisor and now serves as Operations Manager. “How did I do that? Hard work. The things I learned in the military: hard work, dedication, discipline and leadership. All of those are things I thought I was losing when I got out of the military, but they directly apply here too. Service Experts is a perfect fit for someone coming out of the military,” he explains.

Listen to the full interview with Richard Everhart here.

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