Important Documents

There are several documents that we will need in order to complete your record.

College Transcripts

Request a copy of your College Transcripts from your undergraduate and/or graduate school(s). Send a copy to your Recruiter. This does not need to be sealed, and an unofficial copy is fine.

Evaluation Reports

Send a copy of your last 3 observed reports to your Recruiter. We use these to get an idea of what you have accomplished in the military, and they are a great starting point in writing your resume. Additionally, reviewing your evaluations will help your Recruiter identify key points to highlight when preparing you for interviews.

Professional References

Using the link included in your Welcome to Orion email, provide us with your professional references. You will be asked for the names and contact information of 2-3 supervisors, and 3-4 peers. Please let your contacts know that you would like to use them as a reference during your job search. Please note, they do not need to write you a letter of recommendation, they just need to be willing to answer a few questions over the phone or via email and provide a quick review of your performance.

Final Resume

Once you have completed your resume, email to your Recruiter for review.

Please contact your recruiter if you have questions on any of these documents. Thank you!

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