Military Officer Transition Program

Welcome to Orion's Military Officer Transition Program

Welcome to Orion's Military Officer Transition Program! Whether you have two years or two weeks before you leave active military service, there are many steps you can take prior to your separation date that will position you for success as you transition into the civilian workforce.

Orion's Military Officer Transition Program is designed to put your preparation "to do list" in a logical sequence of events to be completed each month. The program is comprised of a series of informative webinars, self-paced instruction and individual calls with your recruiter. Our goal is to minimize the stress you may have about changing careers by giving you all the tools you need to be 100% ready to interview before you enter into the 90-day window leading up the end of your time in active service.

Once you reach the point that you are within 13 months of your transition, you will receive a monthly email from us pointing you towards the suggested reading or activity for that month. These emails will be sent based on your Earliest Start Date in our records. If your timeline changes, be sure to let us know so we can update our records!

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If you are a transitioning Officer and have not yet been in touch with an Orion Recruiter, find your Recruiter below.

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