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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

New Employer Resources from Orion Talent

At Orion Talent, we strive to provide our clients with the latest in research, advice, and insight, in addition to top-notch military recruiting solutions. With this in mind, we are constantly publishing new resources covering all aspects of military hiring. We invite you to peruse these new resource pages and get an in-depth look at who our candidates are and how you can go about hiring them.
[Free e-book] 7 Rules of Retention
To address the evolving landscape of employee retention, Orion Talent went to the experts—HR leaders, talent acquisition experts, hiring managers and recruiters who work on the front lines of workforce management. LEARN MORE  →
Military Service Academy Candidates 101
You have heard of the United States Military Academy (USMA), the United States Naval Academy (USNA), or the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA), but do you know what it means to be a graduate of one of these schools? LEARN MORE →
Leadership Development Programs
Leadership Development Programs (LDP), while not as common as traditional management, engineering, or sales opportunities, present an ingenious way to mentor your company's next generation of leaders. At Orion, we have matched many forward-thinking companies with Junior Military Officers to fuel these programs and drive business growth. LEARN MORE →
Six Interview Tips for Employers
In the age of ghosting, social media reviews, and low unemployment rates, the interview process has become far more than a series of questions you ask a candidate. LEARN MORE →

National Distinguished Candidate Hiring Conferences
National Distinguished Candidate Conferences (DCCs) from Orion Talent are exclusive hiring events designed to maximize your chances of connecting with the right candidate. Our unique events present you with the top military candidates to help fill your hiring needs. We invite you to join the 120+ companies each year that hire JMOs from an Orion DCC. LEARN MORE →

Military Hiring Conferences - Interview Military Job Seekers
Orion Talent holds approximately 70 Military Hiring Conferences annually across the United States, including our exclusive National Distinguished Candidate Conferences. These hiring events are your chance to interview the best in military technical and leadership talent, selected specifically for your open positions and generally available to begin within the next 90 days. LEARN MORE →

Company Exclusive Hiring Events through Orion Talent
An Orion Talent Company Exclusive Hiring Event is a completely customized event, held at a location of your choice, allowing you to complete all phases of the hiring process in a single day. These one-stop events will bring qualified candidates ready to accept an offer to your doorstep. LEARN MORE →

We hope you find these new resources insightful as you develop your military recruiting strategy. Please visit us online to learn more about how Orion's Talent Solutions bring businesses and highly qualified talent together.

[Free e-book] 7 Rules of Retention

In a time of high job market participation, record low unemployment rates, and generational workforce shifts, finding qualified new hires is harder than ever. And, once you’ve hired that star employee, you then need to retain them. Employee retention is critical, but the old days of handing out a bonus and conducting a performance review once a year are gone.
To address the evolving landscape of employee retention, Orion Talent went to the experts—HR leaders, talent acquisition experts, hiring managers and recruiters who work on the front lines of workforce management. The result is our latest e-book, “7 Rules of Retention: Expert Insights on Keeping Your Top Talent”.
In its pages, you will find a summary of what they shared—seven lessons on what it takes to hold on to talent today. Read on for a peek at the insight this e-book has to offer.

Lesson 1: Growth is Golden - Focus on growth, as well as upward advancement. Consider skills training or mentoring opportunities or even a new project.
Lesson 2: Trust in the Top - Ensure that company leaders clearly communicate and embody what the company stands for, its brand and values, and where the company is going.
Lesson 3: Meaningful Work - Help employees connect the work they do to the world around them by highlighting how the company invests in the local community and contributes to the world at large.
Lesson 4: Compensation Competition - Don’t assume the status quo is still competitive. Stay informed on current market rates.
Lesson 5: Eliminate Bad Managers - Most employees don’t leave a company, they leave a bad manager. Leverage turnover data and exit interviews in order to identify areas where management could be playing a role in turnover.
Lesson 6: Make Flexibility a Value - Flexibility on the job, whether it is in setting one’s own schedule or the ability to work from home when needed, is a powerful way to retain employees.
Lesson 7: Be Open to Ongoing Career Dialogue - Let employees take charge by putting more of the responsibility for career growth conversations in their hands.
For many companies, one way to battle a tough employment market is to keep the talent you already have. Heeding these seven tips could save the headache of dealing with high and unrelenting turnover. Update your retention practices and aim to keep your talent engaged, excited and advancing. Download “7 Rules of Retention: Expert Insights on Keeping Your Top Talent” today!

Junior Military Officers at a Glance

Orion can help you meet your operational and recruiting goals through our customized Military Talent Solutions. Our 2020 Military Hiring Conference Schedule is full of opportunities to fill your talent pipeline throughout the year.
Junior Military Officers are available to interview at many of these Hiring Conferences. These candidates possess experience unmatched by their civilian peers. JMOs are the future leaders for your organization, boosting key growth and development in your company.  If you want leadership experience, commitment, focus, and diversity, hiring JMOs should be top on your list. Do you need a refresher on what JMOs have to offer?
JMOs at a Glance
- BS or BA in Engineering, Management, or Humanities; Many have advanced degrees
- Served in the military between 4 and 10 years and possess leadership experience unmatched by their civilian peers
- Ideal for positions in Engineering, Leadership, Operations Management, and Sales
- Seeking positions nationwide in all industries with salaries ranging from $75,000 to $100,000+
- Often willing to relocate and geographically flexible
Want some first-hand insight into hiring JMOs? Listen to our podcast episode “JMO Hiring Ideas and Practice”, featuring Gary Runner, a former Army Officer and Residential Construction Executive for 30 years. 

In the episode, Runner shares his experience in how his former company hired Junior Military Officers, best practices for onboarding and what to look for in an interview with a Junior Military Officer.
Whether it be through Military Hiring, Skilled Talent Acquisition, or Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Orion Talent can help. Learn more about our full suite of customized talent solutions here.

Podcast Series for Employers

Call To Order, a weekly podcast from Orion Talent, features an Army veteran discussing a variety of recruiting trends and the value veterans bring to the civilian business world.

Join Dave Lehmkuhl as he calls this meeting to order and reveals how military recruiting can transform your business.

Stay up to date with our latest episodes:

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Leadership Development Programs - Best Practices for Building a Successful Program

Rich Cardona - Journey from JMO to Entrepreneur

A Candidate's Military Rank vs Your Open Position

JMO Hiring Ideas and Practices

Visit us online to listen to all the episodes, and read more about Dave. You can also subscribe via your favorite podcast platform or RSS feed, to automatically receive new episodes as they are released.

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Military Hiring Conferences

Interview Junior Military Officers, Noncommissioned Officers and Enlisted Technicians Recruited for your Hiring Needs

An Orion Hiring Conference is your chance to interview the best military job seekers, selected specifically for your open positions. You will be presented with pre-screened, qualified and suitably matched veterans that are interested in your available opportunities. Click on the dates below to learn more about our upcoming hiring conferences.


Seattle, WA March 27

San Diego, CA April 20

South Central 

Austin, TX April 6


Cincinnati, OH April 6


Norfolk, VA March 23 (Military Technicians)

Providence, RI March 30


Atlanta, GA April 20 (Military Technicians)

Atlanta, GA April 20-21 (Distinguished Candidate Conference)

Career Opportunities within Orion

Account Executive Careers with Orion 

Orion Talent is currently seeking transitioning or former military officers with a strong record of achievement to join our Sales Team as an Account Executive. We are hiring for our Raleigh, NC office.

As an Account Executive, you will be responsible for identifying and working closely with America's leading companies in order for them to hire transitioning military veterans and develop smarter hiring programs. Average total first year income for Account Executives is $80K+, with a goal of $100K+ in your second year and beyond. 

To qualify, you should have military experience, a Bachelors degree, and previous sales experience or a desire to succeed in sales. You do not need prior sales experience, as we will provide you the training, tools and resources needed to succeed.

Visit our Account Executive Careers with Orion Talent page to learn more about working at Orion, including a video, podcast, and webinar on our Account Executive positions.

Once you are ready to apply, the next step is to complete an online sales assessment.

If you're looking for a quick way to introduce yourself, please send an email that includes your resume to Isabel Jessee.   

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