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Interview top military candidates selected for your specific opportunities at an event exclusively for your company.

Interview top military candidates selected for your specific opportunities at an event exclusively for your company.

Every company has different hiring needs, and Orion Talent is here to meet those needs with a hiring solution uniquely crafted to suit those requirements. For many companies, this solution is a Company Exclusive Hiring Event.

An Orion Talent Company Exclusive Hiring Event is a completely customized event, held at a location of your choice, allowing you to complete all phases of the hiring process in a single day. These one-stop events will bring qualified candidates ready to accept an offer to your doorstep.

Orion Talent Company Exclusive Hiring Events

  • You choose the time, date, and location and Orion's national network of recruiters will work to bring you the most highly qualified candidates, focused only on your opportunity.

  • Complete all presentations, tests, and interviews in just one day, with no travel for your team if held at your facility.

  • Our Company Exclusive Hiring Events deliver the lowest cycle time, the highest interview-to-hire ratio, and an unmatched solution for surge hiring needs.

  • Leverage Orion Talent's more than 29 years of experience in planning and coordinating Company Exclusive Hiring Events and experience the expertise and flexibility of a customized talent solution.


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Orion Talent Company Exclusive Event for a Molecular Diagnostics Company


Our one-day events usually feature interviews, a plant tour, testing (if needed), and then a feedback call set with your Orion Talent Account Executive.

Our clients extend offers within 48 hours.

Due to the specialized nature of these events, we match one candidate per Hiring Manager per hour and suggest there be multiple Hiring Managers on hand. Our goal is to have at least two candidates for each available position.

These events are for companies with at least two openings. Skilled Technicians or Operations are a great fit, although this format works with a wide variety of positions. It is a great solution for surge hiring.

We aim for no more than 7-10 calendar days between scheduling the event and execution.

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