Industry Experience

Military Recruiting Expertise in Aerospace & Defense, Construction, Energy, Oil & Gas, Power Generation/Utilities, Manufacturing, Logistics & Supply Chain, Engineering, Pharmaceutical/Medical Device, Retail, and Sales

Hire Military for Your Industry

Orion Talent will recruit Junior Military Officers (JMOs), Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs), and Enlisted Technicians, all prescreened, qualified, and well suited for your available positions. Learn more about the industries in which we most frequently work, as well as the types of positions Orion typically recruits for within each.

Aerospace and Defense

Orion candidates are very well suited for careers in Aerospace and Defense as they worked on similar, if not the same, equipment, projects or programs throughout their Military careers.

Alternative Energy

Orion candidates excel within Wind, Solar, Biofuel, and other sectors within Alternative Energy.


Orion's Junior Military Officers and Noncommissioned Officers succeed in commercial and industrial construction in a variety of roles including Project Engineers, Project Managers, Estimators, Superintendents / Assistant Superintendents, and Leadership Development Programs.


Orion Talent provides talented, industry experienced Engineers to virtually all industries, in positions ranging from technical to managerial. Our candidates possess engineering degrees from America's top universities, and many have advanced degrees as well.


Our candidates succeed in the Finance Industry in positions including Sales, Account Manager, Financial Advisor, Market Manager, and more.


Orion Talent has achieved tremendous success in placing JMOs, NCOs and Military Technicians into Manufacturing positions including Operations Leadership, Maintenance and Maintenance Management, Quality Engineering and Improvement, Logistics and Transportation, and more.

Mechanical and Electrical

Orion's military technicians and leaders candidates have both the classroom knowledge and training, combined with real world practical experience in electronic, mechanical, and electrical systems.

Oil & Gas

Orion Talent places Junior Military Officers and Enlisted Mechanics, Electricians and Technicians into positions at all levels within the Oil & Gas Industry. Our candidates excel in all phases of petroleum production and are ideal for both on- and offshore positions.

Pharmaceutical/Medical Device

Orion candidates excel in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry in roles including Manufaturing and Operations Leadership, Field Service, Maintenance and Maintenance Management, Quality and Compliance, and Sales and Marketing.

Power Generation

Orion Talent places Junior Military Officers, Noncommissioned Officers, and Military Technicians in positions within Coal, Nuclear Power, and Utilities.


Orion candidates succeed in Retail in roles in Leadership Development / Store Manager / District Manager, Operations, Logistics and Transportation, Credit Card Operations Management, and more.


Orion's Junior Military Officers and Noncommissioned Officers excel in Sales positions, leveraging their communication, management and leadership skills to professionally engage and interact with new and existing clients at all levels.

Supply Chain, Logistics, and Transportation

Orion Talent places both Junior Military Officers and Noncommissioned Officers in every link of the supply chain, from purchasing to delivery.