Supply Chain, Logistics, and Transportation Industry Experience

Our Candidates are Ideally Suited for the Following Positions in Supply Chain, Logistics, and Transportation

Hire Military for the Logistics Industry

Supply Chain Analysis

Our candidates have experience moving people, fuel, and materiel over long distances under difficult conditions. They are mission-oriented and adept at overcoming obstacles to assure success. Our candidates are able to evaluate multiple variables in constantly changing conditions to get the right amounts of what they need where they need it. Additionally, JMOs have experience with inventory and supply databases, technology, and software systems.

Operations Management

No two days are the same in the military, and Orion candidates have learned to lead while staying flexible to get the job done. Our candidates bring an unparalleled drive and commitment to success. They have experience building and leading diverse teams, and dealing with different groups of people. Whether biggest customer or hourly laborer, they will maintain the highest degree of respect for each individual. The military has a dedication to safety and our candidates have experience maintaining and enforcing a safe workplace environment. From the loading dock, to the warehouse, to the pier, our candidates are the prime movers getting the job done with the highest production and lowest possible cost.

Quality Engineering and Improvement

During the mid to late 90s, companies became increasingly aware of the relationship between quality, waste, cost, and efficiency. Our candidates were brought in to help improve and influence change in the logistics trains of our clients. This occurred through quality initiative programs that included six sigma programs or upgrading technology and machinery. Clients have relied on Orion to find change agents to impact their organizations– these candidates have strong communication skills, are technically adept, and possess strong motivating and influencing skills.

Inventory Control Management

From baking flour to bombs, the military has a constant need for inventory control. Orion's candidates have experience in maintaining inventory control with the latest computer systems and technology. From tracking cargo across oceans and continents, to maintaining an orderly warehouse, they are trained to do things right the first time and know how to take care of their customers.


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