Construction Industry Experience

Orion's Military Candidates are Ideally Suited for Positions in the Construction Industry

Hire Military for the Construction Industry

Orion's Junior Military Officers and Noncommissioned Officers succeed in commercial and industrial construction in a variety of roles including Project Engineers, Project Managers, Estimators, Superintendents / Assistant Superintendents, and Leadership Development Programs.

Project Engineers

Particularly in the construction industry, our candidates utilize their technical degrees, project management skills and leadership experiences to work in a variety of areas including road, bridge, or commercial construction. Our project engineers work with the superintendents on site to ensure the technical specifications, proper materials, compliance issues and rate of work are being met. These candidates generally have experience from the military in the Corps of Engineers or as a Seabee in the Navy, bringing a powerful combination of real world experience and demonstrated leadership skills.


Drawing on our candidates' analytical and thoroughness of work skills, our client companies have discovered that this sought after position can be filled by our Junior Military Officers. Graduating from some of the nation's top colleges and universities, our candidates are proficient in calculating statistical data, using material price lists, cost per man hour, historical data and equipment costs to estimate projects and future developments.

Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent

Our candidates bring strong leadership, excellent communication skills and an understanding of how to drive timelines, resources, and manpower. They have overall responsibility for the safe and efficient operations of their project site and ensure that quality standards are being enforced. They are very effective at initiating and maintaining a relationship with contractors and clients.

Leadership Development Programs

We have created and implemented Leadership Development Programs for several Fortune 500 companies. We will design a first-class leadership program targeted to recruit transitioning military candidates. Our past Leadership Development Programs have spanned several years and resulted in an average retention rate of 90% after two years.


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