Retail Industry Experience

Veteran positions in the Retail Industry

Hire Military for the Retail Industry

Leadership Development Programs

Our candidates bring a proven record of positive leadership and organizational improvement. Companies use our candidates in anticipation of work force aging, to keep a solid pipeline of future leaders for their companies. Our clients find that putting key hires through a rotational training program and exposing them to many facets within their companies helps in their development, retention, and performance.


Our candidates are able to understand the relationship between quality, quantity, maintenance, safety, and the people they supervise. Our candidates bring a depth of leadership, ethics, and a proven record of success that continues in the retail world. Our clients constantly seek our team leaders to positively affect their work environment in need of positive and progressive leadership.

Logistics and Transportation

Our candidates have experience moving assets through air, land, and sea on a daily basis. They understand inventory control management, supply chain management and leveraging efficiencies through people and technology. Additionally, they understand how logistics must support the retail supply process and its effect on the bottom line of cost of goods sold or profit margins.

Credit Card Operations Management

Tried and tested leadership is the hallmark of the military officer candidate. In this role, our candidates are able to work with their employees to ensure effective and efficient handling of customer disputes. Through hands-on mentorship, they are able to develop and train their team into an efficient, self-improving organization.


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