Military Hiring for the Oil & Gas Industry

From the Battlefield to the Oilfield®

Hire Military for the Oil & Gas Industry

Orion Talent places Junior Military Officers and Enlisted Mechanics, Electricians and Technicians into positions at all levels within the Oil & Gas Industry. Our candidates excel in all phases of petroleum production and are ideal for both on- and offshore positions. Orion candidates enter in the workforce with strong potential for increasing levels of leadership responsibility, tremendous technical knowledge and a desire for a long career within Oil & Gas.

Maintenance Engineer

Our candidates bring the ability to focus on maintenance programs that optimize equipment reliability to maximize plant capacity. Typical types of refinery stationary equipment that our engineers work on include heat exchangers, furnaces, storage vessels, cooling towers, and refinery pipelines. Our engineers also conduct root cause failure analysis to identify and eliminate problems through long- term solutions.

Refinery Operations Supervisor

Our candidates are making an impact on the bottom line as they lead their plant operators in the safe operation of a refinery or plant. These candidates understand the relationship between hard work, technology, and front line leadership. Refinery Ops Supervisors coordinate with maintenance, troubleshoot problems, and review work requests as required. Our supervisors also provide training for new employees and assimilate them into their team.

Maintenance Foreman

For the safe, reliable, environmentally sound and efficient execution of maintenance work, companies have hired our candidates as maintenance foremen. After receiving world class training and applying those skills and traits on a daily basis in the military, our candidates understand the complexities of mechanical, electronic, and electrical systems. They are able to supervise mechanics or in some cases be the mechanic. Our candidates have worked in a variety of work conditions with diverse work groups and understand the need to provide sound, straightforward leadership to get the job done.

Refinery Technician

Our candidates are required to operate, install, troubleshoot, and repair all refinery equipment and systems. They are tasked to develop operating and maintenance procedures for refinery equipment to ensure consistent and safe operation. This includes electronic or mechanical diagnostics and the capacity to operate a computerized maintenance management system. They also train and develop other employees in performing preventive maintenance and routine equipment service activities.

Planning & Controls Project Engineer

Our candidates have the project management skills and experience to oversee project activities associated with financial control, procurement, subcontracting, and project control. Project control is defined as change control, estimating, cost control, scheduling and project reporting. Candidates provide systems, procedures, and structures that help the entire team meet optimization and utilization goals.


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