Senior Military Officer Testimonials

Military to Civilian Transition Success - Senior Military Officer Job Seekers

Orion has found careers for over 30,000 veterans with almost 7,500 client companies. Read below to learn more about the experience of a few Senior Military Officers who found civilian career success through Orion.

"I was very skeptical of using a recruiting firm, feeling that I could probably do better conducting my own job search, but I could not have been more wrong. The opportunity to interview with multiple companies within the span of a single day not only put me in front of a number of desirable employers but also allowed me to easily compare the interviewing companies to determine my interest in them. Additionally, the assistance of Orion's Senior Partner, Bob Berkholz, who coordinated the Houston DCC, was invaluable. He put me in front of the employers with whom I would best fit rather than the employers that I thought I would prefer. His knowledge and experience in placing former military officers became apparent as I interviewed during the DCC, and I am glad that I eventually defaulted to his (better) judgment.
I submitted resumes to the 'Big Four'of JMO recruiting, but Orion was the only one that was willing to actively work with a retired O-5. The other three told me that they exclusively placed JMOs and could not help me.
Orion is an untapped resource for retiring O-5s and O-6s who do not wish to work as a government employee or work for the defense industry upon retirement. Based on my communications with fellow O-5/O-6 retirees and those nearing retirement, there is significant trepidation about searching for a job outside the realm of government and defense.
In short, I was very impressed with Orion's process and would certainly have not found my new career had it not been for Orion's Distinguished Candidate Conference." - Kurt Mondlak, Retired Navy O-5 SWO, USNA '92

"I am a recently transitioned Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Infantry Officer. I have a BS in Civil Engineering and two Master's degrees I earned while on active duty, and I had been searching for jobs and posting my resume for approximately eight months. I was referred to Orion Talent from a Marine Corps friend who transitioned years ago. My latest position in the Marine Corps was as an Infantry Battalion Commander stationed at Camp Pendleton.
I ended up with two interviews from two companies in the exact location my family and I wanted to settle down in. The job I've accepted will also incorporate by undergrad degree from 1992, which I never thought would happen! Since I was a more senior officer at transition (active duty retirement - 21 years), I did not attend any hiring conferences, rather the Orion recruiters and account managers directly marketed me to the companies. I was sent and read helpful preparation materials that were succinct and to the point prior to interviewing.
In retrospect, transitioning from active duty is a lengthy, frustrating process. I recommend future candidates start talking with Orion Talent no less than a year out. As well, candidates should immerse themselves in their own networking and job search in order to learn the terminology of their future occupation and ace the interview whenever the time comes. It's as much a personal responsibility to find a job as it is Orion's to arrange an interview. Lastly, field grade officers should not discount using Orion Talent due to their seniority or time in service. When transitioning, you need as much assistance and advice as you can get. After applying for nearly 75 jobs via the internet, using all the techniques the job search books teach you and speaking with networking contacts throughout, my only two interviews were through Orion. - Mike Targos, Retired USMC Infantry Officer, O-5

"Mike Wood and the entire Orion staff really helped by not only offering me viable career offers, but providing me with outstanding interview preparation help. Orion is truly a professional recruiting organization and works hard for their clients." - Steven Tucker, Retired Navy O-5 SWO

"Andy Pero treated me professionally and in an uplifting manner. He prepared me for all of my interviews and kept me informed throughout the hiring process. He talked to me about my background, not just about my resume, and then helped me tailor a resume for the particular position I was interested in. Orion was professional, through and through." - Jim Popielec, USMC O-5, USNA '89

"Orion is the best. I really felt like Orion cares. Keep doing what you do!" - Tad Teichert, Retired Navy O-5, Aeronautical Engineering Officer

"I earned my two-year and four-year degrees while active duty with the Air Force. It took quite a while, as I have been a single-mom for most of my career, but, after 'nickel and diming' my courses, I earned my BA in Human Resources Development through Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1999. (Rough duty, huh?) After 15 years as an enlisted Airman, I was selected to attend Officer Training School and earned my commission in 2000. I retired as a Manpower and Personnel Officer with the rank of Captain after 23 years of service.
Like many service members, I thought employers would be lining up to hire me when I retired, and, boy, was I surprised when they weren't! It wasn't that I didn't have the talent and experience the employers were looking for; it was just a matter of supply and demand. After three months of searching on my own, Bob Berkholz invited me to come to an Orion Talent event in Dallas. I was immediately impressed with the professionalism and sincere desire to place me with the right company.
I'd hoped that I wouldn't be wasting my time since there was a job fair out here at the same time. Well, like a prayer answered, Bob contacted me and explained that the event was turning out to be more of a logistical event and wasn't exactly the right fit for my talents, but he also suggested another opportunity. I really appreciated that, because I felt that some other recruiters may not have taken the time to contact me or even recommend me to a colleague. This was how I was introduced to Chris Hurst.
Ultimately, I was offered the position of Developmental Store Manager for Wal-Mart. I could not have been happier with the results. My compensation exceeded my desires, and I feel I have the right fit with the right company and the right job!
The Orion team understood how best to market my specific skills and talents. Without them, I would have never have had this opportunity. Wal-Mart trusted Orion to provide them with high quality candidates with the leadership skills they were searching for. Based on my experience, I have begun to recommend Orion's services to my friends and associates. They do a great service for our veterans." - Trina Jones, Retired Air Force O-6