Meet a Recruiter - Career Transition Planning and Base Visits

Meet with an Orion Recruiter to Get a Head Start on Your Civilian Job Search

No matter how far out you are from your transition, meeting with an Orion Recruiter in your location is the very best way to get a jump start on your career search. Orion Recruiters travel to posts and bases throughout the country, and even to some overseas installations.

Throughout the years, Orion Recruiters have realized that we can best represent you to client companies after meeting in-person, learning about you and your goals for the future, and giving you the opportunity to learn about us. We will evaluate your marketability, assist you in outlining career options, and provide invaluable information to plan the path to your civilian career. Just a half hour of your time with one of our Recruiters will set you up for success in your civilian career search.