Orion Hiring Conference Testimonials

Testimonials About Military to Civilian Hiring Conferences

Interviewing at an Orion Hiring Conference is your best chance to interview with several companies in the span of a few days, complete with intensive interview preparation and education on the companies and available positions. Most of our job seekers find their civilian career with companies they have interviewed with at Hiring Conferences. Read below to see what a few of our job seekers have to say about Orion Hiring Conferences.

"The interview preparation by the Orion staff at their hiring conference was outstanding. Having the mixer the evening before interviews at conference gave me the confidence and relaxed attitude to make the interview process an easy success. The nerves were gone the next day because I had already met the interviewers the night before." - C.M., ExxonMobil

"I was impressed by the Orion hiring conference I attended in December 2008. The hiring conference was a great event. The format allows for the candidate to get a good amount of information about the company prior to interviewing. Having Orion there to represent my military experience to an employer has proved very helpful." - G.C.

"At first, I was very skeptical about working with Orion Talent. I just couldn't believe some of the stories I heard about people getting hired on the spot or a couple of days later. Luckily, I ended up attending the Orion hiring conference despite my skepticism. Not attending would have been the biggest mistake of my life! Within 30 minutes of a follow-up interview obtained through the conference, I was offered the job. I got the job all in a matter of four days. Unreal!" - M.S., Intuitive Surgical

"I would like to say thank you my Orion recruiters for inviting me to a hiring conference. This was the best hiring conference of its kind I have seen in the past ten years. After the conference, I had two big companies looking at me and giving me offers for higher positions than I was expecting. Thank you again, Orion, and good luck to transitioning veterans." - C.W., Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

"I attended a hiring conference in Seattle, which was loaded with great opportunities, and I received a lot of interest from the companies I spoke to at the conference. The conference was top-notch and was far superior to other ones that I attended. Far too often the competition wanted to get me to 'settle' for jobs that I did not want, in locations I did not want. Orion was much more interested in finding a fit for what I wanted. I am very satisfied with the job Orion did, and was very pleased with my experience. I will recommend Orion to any of my colleagues that are looking to make this transition." - B.S., Entergy

"The Orion Cincinnati hiring conference exceeded my expectations in every way. The interview preparation day was key, and great for transitioning officers who probably have never interviewed for jobs outside of high school and college. I would even say the preparation was beneficial to candidates who have been out of the service for years and already have professional experience.

The Orion staff made themselves available for advice, preparation, and great conversation, which helped establish a mutually conducive environment for everyone in attendance. At my first conference, I was able to move forward to the 'second phase' with two of the three companies I interviewed with. I have Orion to thank for that success." - C.M., Aldi

"Having just returned from Okinawa, Japan, I was uncertain of my future. And having endured the job search via the web, I was frustrated with the responses I got back (if any) from the sites I visited. With Orion, all I had to do was show up to their hiring conferences and present myself the best I could. I attended two Orion hiring conferences, and both were with Fortune 100/500 companies. Orion truly is an organization that cares about the future of military veterans. Do yourself a favor and look no further than Orion!" - D.H., FPL Energy

"If I hadn't been interviewing through an Orion hiring conference, it would have been impossible to receive the quality feedback after interviews that Orion provides. I have a great job, in the region that I prefer, that provides enough money to support my family. I couldn't ask for any more!" - J.R., Lutron Electronics

"When I got to the Orion Talent hiring conference in Atlanta, each job opportunity was of exceptional quality. Before the Orion conference, I had attended other firms' conferences. Each paired me with companies that were in the manufacturing industry and not in the logistics industry in which I wanted to work. While one firm provided a lot of interviews, they were rarely even the remotest match to my profile. The other firm was disappointing in that they only offered me one interview for each conference I was involved in, and the interview was not a match to my preferences either.

My position with Pier 1 that I obtained through Orion fits me like a glove, and the chemistry that I had with the interviewers was like magic. It was a feeling that I have never experienced with any other interview before. I remember thanking my recruiter after my first interview for getting it right the first time, where the competition had failed me before." - J.C., Pier 1 Imports

"I traveled to Houston for a hiring conference for a large group of offshore companies. We were given information on every company that was present. Then we were matched with companies that we felt had the opportunity we wanted to apply for. All afternoon we were in a mock interview setting where an Orion representative interviewed me and gave immediate feedback on my interviewing techniques. I had five interviews that Monday afternoon, one of which requested a second interview with me that same day. I then received an offer several days later from another company with which I interviewed. I would recommend Orion to any military person starting a civilian job or career search." - W.C., Hercules Offshore