Former Military Officer Testimonials

Military to Civilian Transition Success Stories from Many of Orion's Former Military Job Seekers

Orion has found careers for over 30,000 veterans with almost 7,500 client companies. Read below for a few testimonials from former JMOs who have found career success through Orion.

"Orion was great! They worked really hard to find the right fit for me. I was unable to relocate due to family reasons, and I was looking for a specific type of career. The Orion recruiters were relentless in presenting me opportunities that were a match and not wasting my time with things that might not meet my needs. Orion definitely helped prepare me for all the interview process and made me feel very comfortable.

I took a position as the Training Specialist with Intuitive. A similar parallel in the military would be training soldiers on how to do something technical, such as rifle marksmanship or set up of intelligence gathering equipment. At Intuitive, I will be training surgeons on the technical aspects and on the system set up of the daVinci system.

Orion helped me to use all the experiences I had in the military and civilian world and all the volunteer and community involvement I had while at home to find a perfect company for me. I do not think some other recruiting firms would have worked as hard for me since I had transitioned out of the military a while ago. Orion knew that those military experiences coupled with my civilian and volunteer experiences would help me stand out to a potential employer. I value that commitment and passion to find me a fantastic opportunity that I would not have secured on my own.

THANK YOU! The offer I received was exceptional, and I do hope to continue with Intuitive for a long time!" - former Navy Nuclear Electronics Technician placed in the Energy industry

"Orion was very quick to contact me and was very thorough with their process. They made it easy to change careers from medical device sales to industrial sales, even having been off Active Duty for 15 years and the National Guard for nine years." - Trent Webb, District Representative, Nalco

"Not only did Orion prepare me to succeed by prepping me for my interviews, they took the time to collect my input, so that they put me in front of the companies that I was most interested in, not just the ones with the most urgent needs to fill.

Regardless of whether you are transitioning out of the military or if you are a veteran already in the civilian sector looking for a new opportunity, Orion presents candidates with a unique experience that prepares and places individuals with reputable companies that not only recognize your contributions, but seek to further develop your talents." - Dwight Blackledge, Global Information Systems Project Manager, Whirlpool

"I've been off Active Duty for almost seven years now and have worked for three different civilian employers. When it comes to job seeking, Orion is the best. Simply put: Orion has been my 'one stop job shop.' They have proven themselves with each of my job searches and have delivered results before any other recruiter or job search website. They eliminated the stresses of finding a job and presented multiple positions to me that were a great fit. I would highly recommend Orion to any Veteran looking to kick start their civilian career!" - Thomas Filbert, ISC Supervisor, Honeywell Aerospace

"Although I am not recently separated from the military, I was pleasantly surprised when Orion went the extra mile to help me. I moved to Chicago to be closer to family and was diligently looking for work. However, I was surprised when my previous experience and education didn't help me land a job right away. Actually, it was almost five months before I found Orion, and, by the end of the sixth month, I had a job!

From the beginning, Orion worked as a team to find a job that not only fit my skill set was the right job. I believe in recruitment companies but was surprised at how little other recruitment companies communicated with me or followed up on promises made to me. On the other hand, I have talked to the recruiters from Orion more than I have talked to all other recruiting companies combined, all fifty of them. I truly appreciate the time they took to get to know me and find the job that fit my ideal job criteria.

They took the time to ask how the hiring process is going and if they could help with any of the details.
I love the idea that this company is not only founded by ex-military but is also driven by ex-military from every branch and pay grade. I truly believe that Orion struck gold with this military business dynamic, and it shows through the teamwork that I personally received during the short time I have had the pleasure to work with them." - Dusty Powell, Territory Manager, Stonhard

"I went back to school for a refresher to make myself more marketable in the technical fields. One of my classmates suggested Orion as a company that has a very high success rate in placing former military personnel in the private sector.

I started working with an Orion recruiter. I felt like he did an outstanding job preparing me for the interviews with the hiring companies. He also did an excellent job matching candidates with prospective employer and in presenting opportunities I would otherwise not have considered.

I would recommend Orion Talent to some of the friends I have on Active Duty when they separate or retire. My experience was 100% positive!" - Adam Engel, Manufacturing Maintenance Engineer, Ingersoll Rand

"The Orion recruiters were all professional throughout my hiring process, which consisted of a direct placement with Setpoint. My new career is the right fit based on my skills and geographic location. I'm pleased with the overall process." - David Petersen, Account Manager, Setpoint Systems

"I would recommend Orion anyone getting out of the, or, in my case, a veteran who has been out for seven years. I definitely felt like Orion cared about and was looking out for my best interest. Chris Hurst was my main recruiter, and he wanted to understand exactly what I was looking for, what my background was, and what areas I would be interested in looking.

Orion was very interested in helping me find a job. They stayed in constant contact and continually checked on my preferences and status. Orion blew all other resources out of the water with their professionalism, number of interviews, and the personal side of checking in with me while looking for a job.

Orion simplified my job search, and I felt like they really cared about where I would be placed and that I would be happy with the job that I would eventually land. I have recommended to two of my colleagues already and would recommend them to any veteran looking for a job." - Irvin Holes, Maintenance Engineer, Duquesne Light Company