Active Duty Military Officer Testimonials

Military to Civilian Transition Success - Active Duty Military Officer Job Seekers

Orion has found careers for over 30,000 veterans with almost 7,500 client companies. Read below to learn more about the experience of a few Active Duty Military Officers who found civilian career success through Orion.

"Orion met my needs and my expectations. My recruiter and his team gave me everything that I needed to prepare me for all of my interviews. I cannot tell you how happy I am with my new job. Orion was truly a blessing and was there to take care of the entire process." - Victor Pacheco, USMC Logistics Officer, O-3

"Having a company like Orion actually fight with you, for you, and alongside you was amazing. They made it happen and got answers from the companies in a very timely manner, sometimes the next day. Bridging the gap for military members who don't have experience in a specific civilian field is one of Orion's specialties. Orion worked overtime for me and made it happen. If it wasn't for them I don't know if I would have found the long-term career my family and I needed to finally settle down." - Michael Moore, Army Platoon Leader, O-2

"Orion's team was absolutely incredible! They were persistent, professional, incredibly helpful, and were able to provide accurate and documented information. They weren't overbearing, ensured I was kept up to speed on every aspect of the process, and made sure I got what I wanted while not trying to force me into something I didn't want. My recruiter treated me exceptionally well and assisted me better than I could have expected!" - James Poore, Navy SWO, O-3

"I highly recommend Orion Talent to any transitioning service member seeking a competitive advantage in a difficult economy. The entire Orion Staff consistently produced results and opportunities in career fields that I expressed interested in. More importantly, they were able to put me in direct communication with the decisions makers of companies seeking highly trained and experienced employees. Their efforts helped me establish myself in a globally respected company that I am fully confident will lead to a very long and rewarding career!" - Ryan C., USMC Combat Engineer, O-2

"Contacting Orion Talent was the best decision I made while planning my transition out of the Army. From day one, Orion worked with me, even while living abroad, and converted my resume and ambitions into potential careers. My recruiter recommended that I attend the Distinguished Candidate Conference in Chicago and supplied me with online tools, such as interview preparation, which led to success in Chicago.
After the conference, I was contacted by a myriad of top-notch employers that wanted to move forward. Orion account representatives were extremely proactive and facilitated smooth communication with each employer during the process. In the end, I had the opportunity to choose between more than one offer.
I highly endorse the Orion Talent team to all Military Officers transitioning into a new career. Their dedication, hard work, and organization made my transition seamless." - Benjamin Urena, Army Operations Officer, O-3

"I was surprised by the efforts Orion had put into my opportunities at a new career. While junior officers are new to the civilian world, most are not inept when it comes to dealing with stressful, high risk decisions (especially aviators). Orion's efforts, spearheaded by Mike Wood, very qualified and enthusiastic Orion recruiter, led to subsequent second interviews and offer negotiations. Many thanks to Orion for an awesome experience and the opportunity to get in front of employers to prove my talent and abilities!" - Clayton Kirk, Naval Flight Officer, O-3

"Orion outshined their competition in my mind. Numbers are not the game for Orion's recruiters. They are attuned to the needs of the companies that hire them, as well as the former military members they represent. It's like they are the most advanced match making service out there. They know what both parties like and what they need. They won't sacrifice the expectations of either for the sake of meeting a quota or to gain a higher commission. This organization is set up the right way to support this mindset. I would not even consider using another recruiting service.
I am so grateful to Orion for their work to get me work. I feel as if I hit the jackpot with the company I landed with. It is a great match, and it never would have been made without Orion. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I recommend you to every quality transitioning military member I talk to." - Gabriel Yoder, Air Force Operations Officer, O-3

"Compared to the competition, Orion has better opportunities and does a better job in attempting to match an opportunity to you. I am very happy about my experience with Orion. I got the position I wanted with a great company, and it's been better than I imagined. I look forward to going to work every day." - James Allison, Army Finance Company Commander, O-4

"Orion facilitated a process in which I felt like I was actually participating and learning. Orion provided an initial overview of the positions and companies, and I followed up with my own research after the first meeting with each company representative. Throughout the process, Orion was in contact with me and the representative from each company relaying communication about what the next steps would be and the feedback from each subsequent interview.
I declined a really outstanding offer from a company when I first worked with Orion, most specifically the Austin team. I came back two months later, and the Orion team did not hold any ill will towards me for having potentially wasted their time, and, instead, picked up where they left off two months prior. I ended up accepting the offer on the second go around, and have loved this company since day one. I recommend Orion to my buddies still in the service who are transitioning." - Mark Phillippe, USMC Executive Officer, O-2

"Orion helped me begin a career as a Production Supervisor with Honeywell. My past experience as a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy really prepared me for this new position with a civilian company.
My recruiter looked out for my needs and tailored my job search specifically to my desires. Orion went farther than any other recruiting firms in trying to match me to a new position based on my preferences. If need be, I would definitely use Orion again." - Kevin Friedly, Navy Department Head, O-4