Danielle Smith is a former Army Operations Officer who landed a career with Sun Chemical in 2014. Listen to this podcast to hear Danielle discuss her military transition, why Sun Chemical is a great place for veterans to work, her career progression and more.

PODCAST: Former Army Officer Climbs the Ranks at Sun Chemical

"I would recommend Sun Chemical to transitioning service members because if they have the drive that was required in the military and the need to advance in a profession, then they will be successful here. Sun Chemical has multiple opportunities for growth and they care about their employees." - Michael Bequette, Inplant Technician, Former Navy Aviation Electronics Technician

"Sun Chemical is an organization that appreciates the skills I brought with me from the military, and has given me the opportunity for a quicker advancement for someone entering a new career later in life, than those just graduating college." - Hunter Bruce Jones, Site Manager, Former Army Senior Enlisted Advisor

"I took many things into consideration when deciding whether or not to join the Sun Chemical team, but the thing that really sealed it for me was the advancement opportunities provided by the corporation. Speaking strictly from my own experiences, the atmosphere is great, and the upper management really seems to care about their employees." - Nathanial McLean, Ink Technician I, Former Navy Machinist Mate

"The most rewarding experience at Sun Chemical so far has been the autonomy and support for creative leadership and the constant push for professional development." - Christopher Bennett, Regional Inplant Operations Manager, Former Army Logistical/Sustainment Officer

"I have had the great fortune to work in several different disciplines within Sun Chemical. This is a large, international company that serves numerous markets. I have worked for both of the largest two divisions in North America, and have held positions in sales and marketing, information technology, and operations. The most rewarding aspect of my career at Sun Chemical has been the opportunity to work in the most important positions that matched my skills and the company's needs, at several different phases of my development." - Lowell Wilson, Regional CTS Manager, Former Army Combat Engineer