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Contingent Staffing Solutions from Orion Talent

Orion Talent's Contingent Staffing Solutions are the answer to your variable workforce needs.

Power Your Contingent Staffing Recruitment

The world of workforce management is evolving in response to operational and supply chain disruptions as well as considerable skills gaps. Companies need to be agile by bringing in the right people with the right talent at the right time.

Whether you need to add staff quickly to ramp up a new project or are experiencing a shortage of candidates with a particular skill set, Orion Talent's Contingent Staffing Solutions provide the workforce innovation you need to solve your contract and temporary personnel needs.

What is Contingent Staffing?

Why work with Orion Talent & Our Contingent Staffing Solutions?

What is Contingent Staffing?

Our Contingent Staffing services include:

  • Recruitment of top candidates for non-exempt positions
  • Background checks, drug testing and employment verification
  • Orion Talent serves as the Employer of Record
  • EEO Compliance
  • Smooth and efficient payroll / benefits administration
  • Liability / Workers Compensation coverage
  • Legal & HR Compliance Assurance

Optimize Talent Access and Hiring Results

Access the right ready-now candidates at the right price. Explore how Orion Talent can bring you top talent for your high-volume, seasonal or project needs.

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What types of business can Orion Talent work with?

Orion Talent provides Contingent Staffing Solutions to medium and large sized companies looking to staff a variable workforce. We provide skilled specialists and professionals for a wide range of contingent roles across a wide range of industries including:

Contingency Staffing FAQS

What are contingent workers?

Contingent workers perform role- or project-based work on a company's behalf, but are not permanent employees. They may include seasonal workers, independent contractors, consultants, freelancers, temps, or other outsourced labor. Contingent workers are engaged under a contract for a set period of time and are paid according to the number of hours worked. Due to the limited duration of their employment, temporary employees are often ineligible for employer-provided benefits

How long can you employe a contingent worker?

Contingent workers often work under a contract for a fixed period of time or for a specific project. This is determined by a company's particular needs.

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