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  • Orion SVP David Coe Shares 5 Steps for Successfully Hiring Veterans

Orion SVP David Coe Shares 5 Steps for Successfully Hiring Veterans

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Many growing industries are turning to veterans as a great source of leadership and technical talent. And while this is a great strategy, it is important to have a plan for doing so. In his article for ACCA, the nation's largest association of indoor environment and energy service contractors, David Coe, Orion Talent SVP - Strategic Programs, outlines five important steps for hiring veterans. While the article is written for those in the HVAC industry, it applies equally to anyone looking to add veterans to their company.

These tips cover every step in the process from sourcing and candidate recruiting to onboarding, integration, and retention. Read’s David’s article to learn more about the five steps to effectively hire veterans, and watch your new talent have a positive impact on the bottom line.

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