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Careers for Veterans with Siemens

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Over the last 20 years, nearly 1,500 Veterans have found rewarding careers at Siemens through Orion Talent in Engineering, Manufacturing, Research & Development, IT, Sales & Marketing, and Operations roles, and approximately 2,500 veterans have joined Siemens since 2011. Through its business units which span many functional areas and vertical industries, Siemens is committed to creating innovations and technologies that contribute to and advance society’s success. 

Siemens’ solutions have reduced congestion in cities by 20% by using intelligent real-time traffic data; and helped NASA develop the Curiosity rover and land it safely on Mars. The student version of the software deployed by NASA also recently helped a high school senior develop a prosthetic foot for a wounded veteran.

Last month, Orion hosted a live #OrionChat on our Twitter with Siemens about careers for veterans with Siemens. Barbara Humpton, CEO of Siemens USA and Brian Henry, Senior Vice President of Operations at Orion Talent, joined the chat to discuss opportunities for veterans at Siemens, the benefits of working at Siemens, how a military background can translate into a career with Siemens, and more. “Veterans are natural leaders who can manage difficult assignments. They come to us with strong technical skills and experience using sophisticated technology,” said Barbara during the chat. 

“We have a responsibility to help veterans live the American dream they bravely defended by entering the civilian workforce,” Barbara tweeted. “It’s not just the right thing to do; it’s good for our core business, as it addresses our talent needs.” Read the full #OrionChat here.

Jeremy Ball, Navy veteran and Senior Product Engineer for Siemens, recently joined Orion’s “From the Battlefield to the Boardroom” podcast to discuss his military background, what attracted him to Siemens, and what makes him excited about a career at Siemens.

“I’ve always felt a call to serve and help people, and Siemens has made an impact in the diagnostics healthcare world through its healthcare segment,” Jeremy stated during the podcast. “The business model has recently shifted, and there is a lot more accountability placed on the employees, so you feel that you have more of an impact.”

Jeremy also expressed his excitement for working at Siemens, stating that there is a lot of opportunity to advance and change career paths, if he desired. “They (Siemens) have facilities all over the world in a variety of industries, including industry, energy, and healthcare, so there is a lot of growth potential,” he explained. “You can expand into a field that makes the most sense for you and find your niche.”

“The best thing about working at Siemens is that they see me as an employee who can benefit the company as a whole, instead of fitting me into one specific role. They are committed to their employees, and are very military friendly.”

Listen to the full podcast:

As Orion’s partnership with Siemens continues to grow and expand, we are seeking outstanding Military Technicians and Officers to join the Siemens team. Visit us online to learn more and apply for a career with Siemens.

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