Keith, Equipment Tech

Keith served 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corp where he was an Electro-Optical Ordnance Repairer, handling repairs of everything from night vision equipment to small missile systems and lasers. During this time, he also received an associates degree in general studies and attended numerous military schools - both job and leadership related. After retirement in 2015, he joined Qorvo. "I found Qorvo when I attended a job fair and then was contacted by Orion," says Keith. "While interviewing with my 'would be' manager, he explained the semiconductor industry and the exciting role Qorvo plays in it and I was sold."

Once at Qorvo, Keith found that his technical skills training as well as the traits he attained in the military provided a smooth transition into his new role. "Beyond the technical knowledge one gains, the military also instills qualities like dedication, dependability, commitment, courage, loyalty, and many others that stay with you the rest of your life," says Keith. "All desirable characteristics that have served me well in my civilian career."

While Keith values the benefits - good pay, 401K and an employee stock purchase program - the real incentive is working with the people around him. "The work environment is both challenging and rewarding," says Keith. "And I get to work with some really great people in my group. That is my biggest reward. It's a gratifying situation when you have a good working relationship with your co-workers."
Jay, Manager, Thin Films Equipment Engineering

Jay took a typical route after graduating from high school: he immediately went to college. However, when he graduated, the job market was bleak. He joined the Navy's Advanced Electronics program, completed his tour, and found a job in the semiconductor industry through a military job fair. This eventually led to his role at Qorvo, where he has been in management for more than 20 years.

Jay finds the challenges of the semiconductor business exciting, and credits the support of his team and other co-workers that make his days rewarding and enjoyable. "My typical day starts at 7 a.m. with a review of the day's tasks with my team, and then an operational review with the management team," says Jay. "After that, the obligations vary from day-to-day and getting it done comes down to teamwork. I support whatever my team needs, and I get great support from them and others around me."

Jay also credits his military background for his success at Qorvo. "The military teaches vital life skills, responsibility, teamwork, and attitude," says Jay. "The technical training I received is way ahead of any civilian electronics training programs. People leaving the military have had great training and valuable hands-on skills with complex equipment, much like the equipment used in the business."
Aaron, Characterization Lab Manager

Aaron's electronics career started with a portable radio he received for a birthday gift when he was just a kid. He took it completely apart and accomplished the real feat: successfully putting it back together. After high school, he followed family tradition and joined the Navy where he received electronics training, both in 'A School' (basic electronics) and 'C School' (specialized training in Radar Systems). Post training led to memorable tours in the Mediterranean and historical participation in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf. Two of his deployments were the basis for two major motion picture box-office hits.

Aaron joined Qorvo in 2000 as part of the characterization team, which grew from a small unit to a substantial organization. His career and the careers of others grew along with it. "The most rewarding aspect about my career, thus far, has been the growth of our team and the people that compose it," says Aaron. "The experiences we have shared together over the years have helped me grow in ways I would have never imagined. However, seeing this growth in others is truly the greatest reward."

It was Qorvo's technology that initially enticed Aaron to work for the company. Now it is the exciting challenges and the people who motivate him. He thanks his military training for his sense of resilience and teamwork. "One thing guaranteed in the military was change. From large changes in duty stations, to smaller varying changes of daily responsibilities and tasks. The same holds true in the semiconductor industry. Change is inevitable," says Aaron. "But, with change comes growth and opportunity. Time in the service prepared me for the fast-paced and ever-changing technical scope of our industry. Additionally, the military equipped me with the skills to work with individuals of varying backgrounds. At Qorvo, our teams have individuals from all different cultures, and there are differences that make each of us unique, yet function so well together as a team. This is one of the aspects that defines the Qorvo culture."
Thomas, Engineering Associate

As Thomas describes his time in the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) and at Qorvo, the most common theme is "growth." During his five-year enlistment in the USMC, he not only completed three tours in Iraq, but he also received an Associate Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology, and was meritoriously promoted up the ranks to E-5 (Sergeant). "After five years in the USMC, and the certainty of another deployment, I felt like it was time to challenge myself in the civilian sector," says Thomas. "I gained great insight and accomplished many goals while in the USMC. My new challenge was to carry that momentum into my new career."

After leaving the USMC and working for a security company, Thomas joined Qorvo, where he experienced the same momentous growth. Qorvo hired him as a Level 1 Electronics Technician and in more than two years, he was promoted to a Senior Technician, then a Group Lead, and now is an Engineering Associate. "The Marine Corps taught me tenacity and discipline, which has yielded great results in my career thus far," says Thomas. "But it's my passion for technical work that spurred me to become an Associate Engineer. At Qorvo, I have seen growth in my leadership, technical knowledge, personal interactions, and my personal goals. The level of accountability and mentorship here is incredible. The leaders here are intentional about your goals and work hard to ensure you achieve them."

Would Thomas recommend Qorvo to other veterans? Absolutely. "I have had a great experience at Qorvo and encourage veterans to look at opportunities here," says Thomas. "There is a wonderful mix of veterans who can relate and help to guide and mentor to success. The community that is built here is in line with how the military builds comradery."
Treva, Operator & Senior Wafer Fab Expert

Treva was 19-years-old when she joined the U.S. Army. Although women had recently transitioned over to regular military services in the late 1970s, it was still a difficult environment. "During basic training at Fort Dix, New Jersey, in the dead of winter, we had to learn how to do everything better - shoot better, run better," she said. "I was so proud that I persevered and never gave up."

It was also during a very unique period known as the Cold War Era. "While the U.S. was not actively engaged in any armed conflict, there was the constant threat of nuclear, biological and chemical war. It was a tense and scary time, and had we been called to fight; we would have done so with honor and pride."

Now, as an operator and senior wafer fab expert, Treva has worked at Qorvo for more than 20 years. It's her diligence and international military experiences that have served Treva well during her career at Qorvo. "The discipline and interpersonal relations - whether it's the ability to accomplish a task and perform as a cohesive unit, or working with and walking in the shoes of people of all nationalities - are all skills that translate over to my work now."
Angelica, Product Applications Engineer

During her 10.5 years serving in the U.S. Army Reserve, Angelica served as a fuel specialist, logistics specialist and then later as platoon sergeant, company historian, public affairs liaison and equal opportunity officer - many of those positions simultaneously.

Today, she is a foundry engineer in Qorvo's Infrastructure and Defense Products (IDP) group. Working in IDP, Angelica knows the products and, having served, that's what really motivates her. "Although I no longer serve as a soldier," says Angelica. "I've never stopped being one. I feel lucky to have a great team here and Qorvo has many military veterans. It's nice to be supported - that's hard to come by with some employers."

Angelica now serves as a military spouse - she supports the troops through their families - going to military training weekends, organizing family days, and any other activity that promotes a healthy family.
Taylor, Logistics Manager

Taylor credits his logistics experience in the military to the success he's had in the corporate world. Prior to joining Qorvo, Taylor attended the U.S. Air Force Academy and after graduation, he devoted four years of service as a Logistics Readiness Officer (LRO) and Material Management Flight Commander. He finished as an O2 First Lieutenant, and stationed all over the world.

After his service, he joined Qorvo. "It was little bit of a transition. You have to dial back the mentality you learned and it's a different type of structure, so you have to adapt your leadership skills," he explains. "But like the Air Force, you learn from and lean on the expertise of those around you. You're also taught 'one team, one fight,' and that mentality still holds true in the corporate space - let's get everyone on the same page, and where can we go and make changes or enhancements together where everyone will benefit?"

His logistics expertise from the Air Force has benefited both Qorvo and his team. One of Taylor's favorite things about his work at Qorvo is collaborating with the logistics teams and other teams across all plants to see wide-scale positive results. "We're really trying to make a difference, not just in our internal teams, but also to say, 'logistics is here to help any organization we can,' and be the team everyone looks to for solutions that benefit the overall business," says Taylor.

Another aspect he loves is the variety of his work. "In logistics, the days are never the same," he says. "It keeps me on my toes and I end each day with a feeling of time well spent."