Skilled Talent Acquisition

Fill your toughest roles with our talent acquisition experts.

Say goodbye to hard-to-fill jobs. Discover the recruiting speed and precision of our skilled talent acquisition experts. Orion Talent Acquisition services provide Skilled Talent for full-time, contingent and project roles in the manufacturing and distribution sectors, energy, aerospace, engineering, and technology.

Orion Skilled Talent Acquisition capabilities:

  • Critical Recruiting Support with access to our vast talent network of 860K+ candidates.
  • 7000+ Skilled Professionals hired annually.
  • Orion's talent provides you with top skills in the door. Our candidates arrive ready to make an immediate impact, with average improvements in turnover rate exceeding 20%.

Read more about successful Skilled Talent solutions created by Orion Talent:

Please contact Steve Casey at (512) 327-7111 x 417, Keith Garrett, at (512) 904-1008 or Request Contact to learn more about acquiring Skilled Talent through Orion Talent Solutions .