Orion Talent Military Hiring Conference - September 2017

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Navy Electrician with Industry Experience


  • Electronic Test Equipment
  • Handheld Multimeters
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Soldering Skills
  • Schematic Reading
  • Mechanical Knowledge


Quality Assurance Technician, Leader in Process Automation Technologies | 2014
Houston, TX

  • Tested and evaluated over 50% of all first article PCBs from new supplier.
  • In a short time period, functionally tested and logged over 750 PCBs.
  • Debugged and verified first failure boards from production, reworked over 50 assemblies and determined their RMA status.
  • Worked with engineering team to develop and initiate standards and written procedures for testing to be used in the manufacturing process.
  • Used full range of talents including soldering fine pitch SMT, troubleshooting using schematics, documenting testing setup and procedures, and highlighting flawed manufacturing procedures.

Production/Repair Technician / Instrumentation, Utility Services Manufacturing and Consulting Firm | 2011 - 2014
Houston, TX

  • Responsible for the final assembly and calibration of portable Infrared Controlled Interference Polarization Spectrometer.
  • Infrared optics alignment/tuning of Etalon crystals.
  • Used proprietary software to create calibration curve and write to EEPROM in DPIR/OMD.
  • Final assembly and calibration of the Optical Methane Detector (OMD)®.
  • Troubleshot and reworked PCBs for three different major product lines saving the company more than $30K in non-conforming material.
  • Integral in many improvements to the DPIRâ„¢ product line which resulted in increased product reliability from 70% to 90%.
  • Troubleshot and repaired two major product lines DPIR™ and OMD™; ensured quality control of monitoring units for optimum operation.
  • Helped implement the initial launch of lean manufacturing 5S accountability for the company by being responsible for weekly audits of production areas.
  • Became proficient in soldering methods such as through hole, fine pitch SMD, cable connectors, through company training and extensive practice repairing PCBs at component level.
  • Communicated with customers relaying technical information for distance support and to facilitate customer satisfaction.
  • Proficiently used technical manual and schematic drawings to reference repair parts for ordering.
  • Used company software to track stock inventory and production work schedule.

Field Service Technician / Instrumentation, Leading Drilling Equipment Manufacturer | 2010 - 2011
Shreveport, LA

  • Self-motivated position with little direct supervision and high accountability
  • Instrumentation: Gas detectors, Level Sensors, Rotary encoders PLC Cabinets (ACROMAG), HMI troubleshooting, MODBUS.
  • Primary responsibility was the maintenance and implementation of company Instrumentation that was used to monitor conditions on land based drilling rigs.
  • Installation responsibilities included mapping various sensors to proper PLC channels, and calibrating sensors using various HMI programs.
  • Effectively interacted with customers to resolve their concerns.
  • Designed and implemented a wiring scheme for instrumentation that was sound yet flexible enough to be easily sectionalized and then re-established.
  • Maintenance of LAN for Instrumentation Data which included router configurations, troubleshooting Satellite internet connectivity, and server maintenance.
  • Maintained a comprehensive understanding of basic computer hardware troubleshooting, as well as specialized industrial computers.
  • Expert use of handheld multimeter as a troubleshooting tool and for calibrating instrumentation.

Service Technician, Infrastructure Technology Company | 2009
Houston, TX

  • Repaired handheld Druck, Unomat, and Rosemount electronic testing equipment.
  • Conducted calibration and linearization of pressure transducers.
  • Troubleshot and repaired hydraulic and pneumatic fittings associated with portable test equipment.

United States Navy | 2004 - 2009

Work Center Supervisor | 2008 - 2009
TX; CA; Bahrain

  • Provided expert and thorough training to three personnel in work center.
  • Implemented and Managed Scheduling of Navy Preventative Maintenance System, resulting in a consistent 95% or greater accomplishment of scheduled maintenance in work center.
  • Primary technician of all communications equipment onboard ship, which included military grade UHF/VHF/HF Transceivers, INMARSAT (Saturn B), and CORNET Switching System.
  • Primary technician of all RADAR and GPS equipment onboard ship, which included military AN/SPS-55 I-band RADAR, and commercial Raytheon Pathfinder RADAR.
  • Maintained Electronic Test Equipment inventory, improving inventory readiness by 15%.

Maintenance Man | 2004 - 2008
Japan; CA

  • Primary technician on ship's Tactical Air Navigation System, and secured switching system for external communications.
  • Supporting technician for all other electronic systems onboard ship, which included all UHF/VHF/HF and SHF transceivers, as well as all of RADAR systems.


Navy Electronics Technician
Great Lakes, IL

Navy RADAR Technician
San Diego, CA

Navy Secure Communications Technician
San Diego, CA

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