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US Air Force Academy Graduate


Bachelor of Science, Systems Engineering Management | 2011
United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO


United States Marine Corps | 2005 - 2017

Theater Security Cooperation (Europe) Coordination Officer | 2017

  • Demonstrated extensive project management, communication, negotiation, and cultural sensitivity/language skills, facilitating unit participation in European security cooperation events which helped the unit to generate and maintain unprecedented levels of readiness for a deployed unit; and created mutually beneficial opportunities for the unit, higher headquarters, and partner nations.
  • Coordinated, organized, and supervised successful execution of six multinational and 17 bilateral military training events between unit and partner nation military units across Western Europe, as well as 75 unilateral internal and U.S.-to-U.S. unit training events.
  • Coordinated travel arrangements for and personally conducted 15 site surveys, eight conferences, and 21 planning meetings in Spain and Portugal. Supervised travel arrangements for senior manager travel to three conferences and two events in France and Italy.
  • Maintained 100% accountability for 100 items of classified material assigned to the Operations Department during a six-month deployment.
  • Mentored 11 junior Officers on professional career development, unit operations and procedures, and subordinate unit employment.

Current Readiness Action Officer | 2016 - 2017

  • Tracked and communicated MV-22 Osprey Program current readiness metrics and coordinated readiness improvement efforts across multiple Department of Defense agencies and civilian companies, devoted to improving current readiness of 260 aircraft.
  • Supervised a three-member military and civilian team, reporting directly to the senior manager responsible for MV-22 Osprey Program.
  • Changed a static monthly metrics brief into a dynamic working group process, personally distributing 23 weekly briefs and chairing six monthly working groups, reducing time required to prepare reports and increasing senior manager’s ability to make decisions.
  • Prepared and presented MV-22 current readiness metrics to panel of V-22 Program senior managers, prepared material and talking points for senior manager presentations to Marine Corps senior executive panels and Naval Aviation Enterprise forums.
  • Additional duty as Unit Marine Awareness and Prevention Integrated Training (UMAPIT) Master Trainer, and an Operational Stress Control and Readiness (OSCAR) Trainer, resulting in 13 new qualifications and increased unit awareness of community resources.

Aircraft Maintenance Officer | 2015 - 2016

  • Managed multiple aircraft maintenance departments, including Airframes, Maintenance Administration, Powerplants, and Aviation Life Support Systems/Flight Equipment with direct supervision and leadership of between nine and 61 Marines at any given time.
  • Supervised timely equipment repair, aircraft inspection, part fabrication, aircraft and equipment logs and records tracking which supported daily flight operations and multiple deployments for six operational and one training MV-22 Osprey squadrons.
  • Managed division-wide Foreign Object Damage Prevention program and supervised Aircraft Confined Space, Fuel Surveillance, Aviation Life Support Systems, and Aviators Breathing Oxygen programs during senior executive inspection, resulting in five programs scoring over 80% and one program with zero discrepancies, assisting in the division receiving "Top 10" grade of 99.4%.
  • Managed Support Equipment Operator Training and Licensing program for 150-member aircraft maintenance department and Hazardous Materials and Environmental Compliance program for a 500-member aviation logistics division.
  • Managed 1,196 equipment end-items, and fuel tank systems valued at $58.7M, maintaining 100% inventory and accountability.
  • Managed division voting assistance program and division merchandise sales with $3,900 in inventory and $560 in cash sales.

Student Naval Flight Officer | 2012 - 2015

  • Performed 82 hours of Special Crew time in Naval Aviation turboprop/turbojet aircraft in high pace / high stress courses.
  • Supervised five-member student control work center, performing administrative processing for 142 students in seven cohorts for course starts, class changes, test administration, as well as preparing/submitting periodic statistics reports on class progress.
  • Supervised 200-member pool of training students, performing administrative processing to ensure 100% on-time class starts and providing quality prepared students to difficult aviation training course, as well as processing post-training relocation moves.
  • Coordinated 15 military funeral details for Pensacola area Marine Corps veteran funeral services, personally leading five details.

Marine Air Ground Task Force Planning Specialist | 2005 - 2007

  • Executed administrative processing and advanced planning for deployment and redeployment of multiple operational units and military training teams from locations across the Pacific to operations, exercises, and training events across Middle East and Asia.
  • Coordinated multiple travel events for supervisors to various locations in the United States, South Korea, and across the Pacific.
  • Travelled to Manila, Philippines for conference to plan and coordinate upcoming bilateral training and ongoing military exercises.
  • Trained as base auxiliary security force, including entry control, base defense, riot control methods, and non-lethal weapons.