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Navy Nuclear Electronics Technician


  • Program Management and Leadership
  • Regulatory and Safety Compliance
  • Process Optimization
  • Operations Management


United States Navy | 2005 - Present

Reactor Controls, and Reactor Training Lead Petty Officer | 2014 - Present
Norfolk, VA

  • Provided training, leadership and operation expertise in the maintenance, operation, regulation and emergent operations of nuclear reactors.
  • Supervised and directed up to 54 personnel on all operational aspects of Reactor Protection Systems including the day-to-day maintenance and the safe performance of all individual required duties.
  • Introduced new instrumentation and control equipment as well as new Propulsion Plant LAN servers and clients to the Reactor Department.
  • Served in Reactor Training Division as the Lead Petty Officer. Managed several key aspects of a complex training program including exam composition, record management, training lecture tracking, and drill execution for 400 personnel.
  • Frequently served as Electrical Safety Supervisor; safely maintained energized equipment without incident.

Reactor Controls Lead Petty Officer | 2010 - 2014
Goose Creek, SC

  • Served as Staff Advisor to four students throughout the tour; demonstrated ability to develop and graduate hardworking students previously in danger of falling out of the program.
  • As the Senior Reactor Controls representative, managed 50-year old power plant to maximum capacity while conducting operational training and maintenance; increased student production capacity by 40%.
  • Maintained the oldest analog instrumentation and control equipment in the Nuclear Navy and kept the plant operating safely. Demonstrated proficiency at analog troubleshooting, repair and associated retesting.
  • For six months, was the only staff instructor on crew qualified to conduct maintenance training exercises; completed all required training exercises for our crew with zero delays in student qualifications despite heavy student load and staff under-manning.

Work Controls Division Lead Petty Officer | 2005 - 2010
Norfolk, VA

  • Selected as singular Reactor Controls representative for unit undergoing a ship-wide Refueling Complex Overhaul.
  • Served in the Work Controls Division during a $4B overhaul at Newport News Shipbuilding. Organized and successfully executed the ship's most complex and expensive maintenance availability within the parameters of the $800M planning phase budget.


Reactor Operator/Shutdown Reactor Operator Reactor Technician

Propulsion Plant Watch Supervisor

Propulsion Plant Drill Team

ESF Panel Operator

Radiological Controls Technician

Control Point Access Watch

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