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USMC Avionics Technician


  • Leadership Training
  • Communication, Navigation, Electronic Countermeasure and Night Vision Systems
  • Maintenance and Repair of F-35, V-22, CH-47, CH-53, AH-1Z, UH-1Y, and C-130 Aircraft
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System
  • Active DoD Secret Security Clearance


United States Marine Corps | 2014 - 2019

Avionics Technician

  • Completed 4500 maintenance actions, totaling 9,572 man-hours and contributed to the work center's 94% Ready-For-Issue rate.
  • Trained over 50 co-workers on the theory of operation and maintenance of aircraft countermeasure systems. Decreased work center troubleshooting man-hours by 20%, ensuring readiness of 57 maintenance assist modules.
  • Became an Airspeed Program Primary supervisor, developed new maintenance and support plans using the theory of constraint, theory of lean, and theory of six sigma.
  • Provided oversight on NAMP Compliance Auditing, Naval Aviation Maintenance Discrepancy Reporting Program, Technical Data Management, Maintenance Department Safety, SE Misuse/Abuse Reporting, and Aircraft Confined Space Program; increased quality assurance.
  • Analyzed quality related data; performed actions to improve the quality of maintenance; managed the Central Technical Publications Library (CTPL) and controlled classified technical publications.
  • Monitored inspections and tests of aircraft, engines, components, and equipment.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance; provided integrity to the support equipment that pilots relied on, saving time and money.
  • Isolated system failures to possible root cause; maintained inventories of materials, equipment, or products.
  • Maintained repair or maintenance records; observed equipment in operation to detect potential problems, read technical pub information needed to perform maintenance or repairs improving safety and security.
  • Subject matter expert with ALQ- 144/157, AAR-47's, APR-39's, APX-72's, APN-194's, OTO Helmets, CMC2's, AIC-14, Height indicators, Night Vision Goggles and related systems such as the Day/Night Display module. Repaired and troubleshot IFF systems, Tacan systems, Countermeasure systems, and Cryptographic Technology.

Avionics Quality Assurance

  • Analyzed over 320K documents for assigned department. Achieved cost and time savings of 39% and improved efficiency, while maintaining strict accountability for more than $500M worth of equipment and supplies. Analyzed stock summaries for repairable and consumable assemblies and subassemblies.
  • Oversaw and directed mission readiness; led aircraft to perform schedule flight operations, provided pilots more flight hours and to complete missions on time.
  • Supported the production of high priority units needed to launch aircraft for scheduled operations.
  • Communicated with the Aviation Supply Department, Original Equipment Manufacturer, and all other Supply Chain support activities; expedited the shipment of items needed to repair priority units under test.
  • Performed as a liaison between the Avionics Department's six repair divisions and other maintenance divisions such as Production Control, Quality Assurance and Airspeed (Process Improvement).
  • Performed logistics and training of 50 personnel; improved readiness rate from 83.2% to 97.6%.


Aviation Electronics: Intermediate

Avionics Technician: Basic

Avionics Technician I Level Class A1 Aircraft Communication/Navigation/Cryptographic/Countermeasures Course

Aviation Warfare Apprenticeship Training

Combat Marksmanship Coach