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USMC Aviation Equipment Mechanic


  • Troubleshooting/Repair
  • Testing Equipment
  • Active Secret Security Clearance
  • Leadership
  • Training & Development
  • Collateral Duty Inspector
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Communication
  • Quality Assurance


Fixed-Wing Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic, United States Marine Corps | 2013 - Present

  • Responsible for supervising, inspecting and conducting Aircraft Maintenance pertaining to environmental control, cabin pressurization systems, Liquid Oxygen Systems, and Fire Extinguishing Systems.
  • Work in the field and shop and conform to all safety regulations.
  • Responsible for disassembly, inspection, repair, and assembly Arming and De-arming evolutions of Ejection Seats during scheduled maintenance, as well as ensure strict adherence to safety regulated and monitoring of Aviators Breathing Oxygen, Aviation life Support Systems, Egress Explosive Handlers qualifications and certification, aircraft armament and naval ordnance arms.
  • Set goals, objectives and priorities for 15 Marines in day-to-day operation, maintenance and repair to achieve maximum training and availability ratings during Operation Inherent Resolve.
  • Managed scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and support services for airframes, powerline, avionics technicians, and Ordnance; provided reports and reviews to ensure 100% operational efficiency and oversight.
  • Planned and initiated over 200 maintenance actions to complete job tasks, acquiring over 1000 maintenance hours.
  • Maintained supply readiness while staying within allowed budget, determining supply needs based on current and future demands, budget, and on-hand inventory; coordinated with various supply facilities to acquire desired supplies.
  • Supervised program and work center inspection preparation, resulting in 2/2 100% on track programs and being awarded Best Seat Shop in Navy and Marine Corps.
  • Performed Collateral Duty Inspector Tasks on Martin-Baker GRU-7 Ejection Seats to include, removal, installation, disassembly, assembly, and inspections of internal components.
  • Performed Collateral Duty Inspector Tasks on EA-6B: Oxygen Systems to include system pressure test, purging, filling of the liquid oxygen converters (GCU-24/1A), and removal and replacement of defective oxygen system components; Fire Extinguishing systems to include removal and replacement of Halon canisters, Electrical Stray Voltage Inspection, removal and replacement of Expired Halon Dispensing Cartridge Aided Devices; and Environmental Control Systems (Air Conditioning Systems) to include troubleshooting, ordering defective components, removal and replacement of defective components; and during Special Inspections, Phase Inspections, and Conditional Inspections.
  • Resolved technical issues, concerning repair and operation of all support equipment relating to critical operations and maintenance upkeep periods.
  • In a fiscal year, completed over 1,000 hours of troubleshooting using special environmental test equipment on $300M worth of aircraft.
  • Have working knowledge of corrosion control, and disposal of hazardous materials.
  • Monitored and maintained aircraft safety programs.


Aviation Warfare Apprenticeship Training

Aviation Structural Mechanic (Safety Equipment) "A" School

EA-6B Safety Equipment (Initial) Organizational Maintenance and System "C" School

Corporals Course Distance Education Program