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August 27 - 28, 2018

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Navy Nuclear Surface Warfare Officer


Bachelor of Science, Applied Engineering Science | 2009
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI


United States Navy | 2010 - Present

Amphibious Warfare Tactics Instructor | 2016 - Present

  • Responsible for managing and delivering course material within two of the 15-week-long warfare tactics instructor qualification courses.
  • Oversee teaching humanitarian support missions; the U.S. Navy supports and runs the course's capstone research project.
  • Support increasing the Navy's tactical readiness through afloat and ashore training events, publication reviews and production of new warfare tactics instructors.
  • Created five warfare focused lessons and was selected due to subject matter expertise to lead underway training for two ships, directly giving operational advice and instruction from the division officer to admiral level.
  • Implemented a $30K classroom media upgrade to improve instructor/student interactions and decreased technical issues.
  • Regarded by both command captains as a top performer in the training department and recommended for early command.

Electrical Division Officer | 2013 - 2016

  • Directly supervised 25 electricians; responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of #1 reactor plant's electrical power generating, storage and distribution systems, and auxiliary electrical systems through an overhaul period then operational testing and certification.
  • Directly supervised reactor and steam plant operations, including maintenance overhauls and casualty training for a team of 18 personnel including three subordinate supervisors.
  • Handpicked for Plant Watch Officer during demanding events, including reactor casualty system testing, the reactor safeguards examination and steam plant testing.
  • Led the division to a 28% advancement rate with zero personnel attending captain's mast and led to qualifying 18 personnel in electrical roles by leading training sessions.
  • Verified 100 electrical tag outs for shipyard and divisional repairs, including complex safety isolations for the reactor controls system and directly supervised electrical isolations of 4160V and 450V equipment.
  • Assisted driving the reactor department during the ship's first inspection and survey in 10 years and with planning 109 assessment events across seven reactor divisions.

Student / Plant Operator | 2012 - 2013

  • Completed graduate level courses in calculus, chemistry, nuclear physics, thermodynamics, radiation exposure, material science, reactor dynamics, and electrical engineering fundamentals on the design and theory of nuclear reactors.
  • Finished advanced nuclear power training, learning the safe operation of a nuclear power plant during startups, shutdowns, transient operations, and casualty scenarios.

Deck Division Officer | 2010 - 2012

  • Directly supervised 32 personnel; responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of the 20-ton crane, ship's boat davit, anchors and 10 crew spaces.
  • Managed the ship's seamanship and search and rescue warfare programs to maintain shipboard qualifications and proficiency. Responsible for carrying out the ship schedule, maintaining the safety of the ship's crew, and controlled the ship's movement to support missions from air operations to landing craft employment.
  • Ranked #1 of eight first tour division officers at the command; leadership and training of divisional personnel led to a 50% rank advancement rate and 80% retention.
  • Led the department to being 10% ahead of the dry-dock production schedule with offloading 54 Tri-Walls, two water craft, 41 life rafts and placing 20 divisional pieces of equipment in maintenance layup.
  • While deployed, planned four underway replenishments and coordinated an additional 18 and organized 80 flight deck landings to support training and missions; all events were completed without mishaps.